How To Get Super Soft Feet


Did your favourite Jimmy Choo’s butcher your feet? Fear not…


[MUSIC] Let's be honest. You know your most uncomfortable pair of heels that you swore off because they absolutely kills your feet? Well they're also your most stylish, right? And you're gonna wear them again. So here are two tips to make sure that you get rid of any dryness, roughness that comes from a night spent in super uncomfortable heels. So we can use any oil, it could be face oil or body oil and add two drops to a basin of hot water and soak your feet in it for about five minutes, this will help to soften any calluses or rough spot. And if you have extra rough patches you can spot treat those areas using a dedicated salicylic acid gel which you can just pick up at your local chemist. Or for a DIY option try lemon juice, it works like a charm.
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