How to Get Legs Like Jennifer Connelly

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Celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer is a pro at how to get red carpet ready gams. After all, actress Jennifer Connelly (among many others, I might add) has entrusted the fitness fanatic to help tone her from head to toe over the years.

So I brought Winhoffer into the InStyle offices and asked her to show me an effective leg move like one she does on Connelly that would leave me feeling the burn.

It’s called the seesaw, and it’s a combination move that focuses on the legs, glutes, and even works the abs as well. To begin, start on all fours on a yoga mat or padded surface and bring your left hand out about three inches further than your right.

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From there, watch the video above to learn the compound movement in two parts. You’ll be feeling the burn, baby burn after just a couple reps. Trust.


[MUSIC] Hey guys. I'm kim with Instyle. I'm here with celebrity trainer Nicole Winhofer. Hello. Hi Kim. Thank you so much, we're so excited to have you today. I'm super excited to be here too. And today she is going to teach us how to get legs like Jennifer Connelly. All right, so we're gonna start with the seesaw. Now you're gonna start on all fours, so get a mat. It's really good to cushion your knees. We don't want no bruises on your beautify ladies' knees. So you're gonna get on all four. You're gonna bring your left hand out about three inches further than your right A lot of these movements like to focus on the diagonals of the body. We are going to be working our right oblique and our left tricep. Left hand out bring your right ankle and connect it to your left ankle. This is a compound movement two moves. Are you ready Kim? I am ready. Let's do it! I can't hear you Kim are you ready? I am ready! Alright you are going to kick straight back keeping that knee open. Perfect! Come back down to the ankle, and then you're gonna kick side, bending that left elbow to the flow, and return to starting position. So kick back, down, side, lift. Straight back down, kick side in Down, you're a rock star, she's a rock star. Just one second. So, you want to do the move on one side, so that was the right leg, and then you're going to turn to the other side and complete it on the left. Whoo>> Can you feel the difference? Yeah. Your right booty is high. It feels like I'm sitting like this. It's way higher. Thanks so much. You're welcome.
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