How To Get An Even Tan

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If you’ve woken up the morning after your fake tan the night before looking more Towie that wowee, don’t panic, try this…


As someone with an honest skin tone I know that there's nothing better in the middle of winter than a fake tan to give you instant confidence boost. So if you're tanning at home first use a bronzer that's right for you. I love this one from St. Tropez. It's great for our skin tone. [MUSIC] And yes guys, you do have to use your mitt. It does prevent orange palm. If you find you've gone too dark the next morning, don't panic. Go down to local gym. Have a sauna or a steam. If you don't have a gym near you, don't worry. Just have a really hot bath. It will help fade the tan evenly so you don't have any patches. [MUSIC]
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