How to Get Effortless Beachy Waves

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Learn the must-know secrets to achieving this easy, breezy summer hairstyle.


[MUSIC] Loose B2 waves are the perfect go-to hairstyle for Summer. They're low maintenance. It looked really easy and effortless and not too overdone. Designers have shown B2 wave for years now. It's really a nice contrast to. Sophisticated clothing because it gives the look a bit of looseness. Alexander Wang was edgy, but really that girl who woke up, threw on her clothes and didn't even think about it. She just left. CVF you have the [UNKNOWN] clothing and then you have the. The edgier hair still creates the perfect woman. Gisele has long owned this style, and a slew of celebrities have taken it on and made it their signature. Women like Kate Hudson, Cierra, Alexa Chung, Gwyneth Paltrow. It's just that effortless hair. It looks great on bobs; it looks great on long hair. The key to getting this look is really all about your hair texture. If you have a finer texture. You can wash your hair. Let it air dry. Put a little beet spray in it. If you have a coarser hair texture or your hair is a bit thicker. You might have to put a little bit more effort into it after washing it and blow drying it. You know, using a styling wand to really get the [INAUDIBLE]. And this look is really more of a wave as opposed to a curl. I love this style because it looks like you're not trying too hard. You can really pair it with any clothing and you look beautiful, but you don't look overly done. [MUSIC]
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