How to Get a Body Like Sofía Vergara

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Many celebs and fitness enthusiast are fans of the Megaformer, the spring-based resistance trainer that sculpts the bodies of many of Hollywood’s finest figures, and I’ve since learned why after trying for myself (no joke, it’s one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. Period). So I turned to the creator of the famed machine, Sebastian Lagree, to get the scoop on moves we can do at home that mimic the results of that badass machine.

In the video above, Lagree takes me through a move similar to one that Sofía Vergara does on the Megaformer to achieve her toned physique. It’s called the “Spiderman,” a full body move that engages all the muscles in the abs and upper body.

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Perform this move for 60 seconds, several times a week to achieve the best results (and to ultimately strengthen and tone the body, not bulk it—Lagree’s signature method). Trust me, you will feel the burn.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Sebastien LaGree, founder of LaGree Fitness. He's the one who is responsible for creating the mega former machine, which I'm, Obsessed with. And many celebrities are as well. Yeah. And so today, you're gonna show me a version of a move that you do on the Megaformer with Sofia Vergara to get her toned physic. Correct. Let's get a body like Sofia. Yes, this one is called the Spiderman and that's for the upper body and core. So what you're gonna do, you're gonna get into a planking position. Hands underneath the shoulders. And then you're gonna basically bring your chest to the floor. But when you do that you're gonna bring the right knee out, and then you're gonna come back to standing up and if you want, you can do the other leg and then push out. [MUSIC] There ya go. These are hard. Yes, there you go, so what that does. Again, you are pressing with your arms through this. You are pushing and you're stabilizing with your arms. And now you have to use your obliques to pull the knee to the opposite elbow. And again this is engaging all of the muscles in the trunk and also engaging the muscles in the upper body. So it's a great way to strengthen your arms, your chest and also your abs in the exercise. How long do you recommend doing this? You can do it for 50 seconds. The key is to- [INAUDIBLE] With all the exercises we do in the [INAUDIBLE] Always 60 seconds because 60 seconds is a trigger point where you effectively stimulate every muscle fibers in your body. And this is how you're able to structure the body, tone the body, but not bulk it. Thank you so much. Awesome Thank you, you did awesome. Thank you very much.
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