By Meredith Lepore
Mar 04, 2016 @ 7:45 am

It's always interesting to hear how actors got their starts and for How to Get Away with Murder's Aja Naomi King, it all began at Disneyland. She told Jimmy Kimmel on his show Thursday that her first acting gig was there at the California theme park, working as a greeter who made sure customers reached the height requirement for the Indiana Jones ride. "That was technically my first acting job because I had to act very happy all the time," she told the host. "It gets a little crazy at Disneyland. It's a little bit more hardcore then people think.

The actress also revealed a few Disneyland employee secrets like the entire underground tunnel system that park employees to use. But it isn't very glamorous. "No one wants to see Mickey with his head off," she said.

"Well I do ... but for kids that could be terrifying," Kimmel said. "Although you'd think a giant mouse would be scarier."

The actress eventually quit the job, but unfortunately selected a bit of an irresponsible method of doing so: She just stopped showing up. And because she still had her uniform and could not bring herself to return it, she got her dad to drop it off for her. Kimmel joked that if she ever took that tactic with How to Get Away with Murder, which was just renewed for a third season, producer Shonda Rhimes would not be happy. "If you try to just walk off How to Get Away with Murder she'll send Huck to your house with a power drill!" he said. Don't mess with Rhimes!

Watch King talk about working at Disneyland in the video above.