How to Get Arms Like Gigi Hadid


It's no secret that Gigi Hadid loves to get a well-rounded workout through boxing. We caught up with Gotham Gym and G-Box founder Rob Piela, who has worked with the model in the ring, to learn the best boxing moves to sculpt lean and fit arms, much like Hadid's own.

The move is simple enough: For maximum body movement and muscle targeting, do a basic one-two punch combination and alternate blows as you swivel your torso. After just a few of these, my arms seriously felt the impact.

Piela advises you do either 100 reps of the movement that he demos in the video above or to work out by continuous punching for one full minute. "You can add weight," he says. "I would say up to two pounds ... you wouldn't want big weights."

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Watch the full video above to get a tutorial of the exercise and hear even more tips from Piela on how to get those strong, mean, Gigi Hadid arms.


[MUSIC] Hi, guys, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Rob Piela, owner of Gotham Gym and G Box, where we are today. My hands are all wrapped. I am ready to go. Today he's gonna teach me a move that he does on Gigi Hadid, to get arms like hers. What move are we gonna do today? So we are gonna do the basic one-two combination. In your case, your right foot would go in the front because you're left handed. I am left handed. So I am right handed. So my left foot would go in the front. So you put your power foot behind you, and your front foot would be the weaker of the two. OK. Bend at the knees, you're gonna fully extend your left arm, that's gonna be the jab, and then pivot with the back foot, turn your hips and one. So we're gonna do one, two, one, two, one, two. Make sure you use your hips, two, one, two, turn your wrists over so you get your shoulders to work. One, two, and bring your hands back to your cheeks each time. One, two, one, two. One, two. So, you could add weight. You could add up to two pounds, little weights in your hands. You don't want big weights. You could do it for either 100 reps or you could do it for one minute intervals. You could also build up over time but I would start with a maximum of one minute. So you really want to use your whole body. And twist your wrists over, good. There's not too much resistance, you won't build muscle in your arms, it'll cut your arm up. So I won't get, it won't make you bulky. No definitely not. It'll make you lean and toned. Lean and mean. Burn calories. And it'll also get out a lot of aggression, added bonus.All of it, yeah, all of it. Awesome, thank you so much. You're welcome, thank you.
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