How to Get Abs Like Sofía Vergara

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Want abs like Sofía Vergara? So do we. So we went straight to Sebastian Lagree, the founder of the machine that is responsible for her killer bod. It’s called the Megaformer, a spring-based resistance trainer that sculpts the bodies of many of Hollywood’s hottest stars (she has one of her very own at home.)

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In the video above, Lagree takes me through a move similar to one that Vergara does on the Megaformer to get those enviable abs of hers. It’s called the Scorpion for a reason; it burns, baby burns. Watch the move above to sculpt your abs into bikini-ready form.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with Instyle. I'm here with Sebastian Legree, founder of Legree Fitness. Hello. Hello. Thank you for being here today. Today, he's going to show us how to get abs like Sofia Vergara. Yes, please. Sign me up. The core is basically your whole trunk, and the abs is part of that. So the best way to get the abs is to do basically what you call a core stabilizer. So the exercise that we're going to do today is called the scorpion, okay? Scorpion, okay. So you're basically gonna get on your hands and feet and then make sure that your knees. Are right underneath the hips. Okay. And the hands are right underneath the shoulders. The shoulders are away from the ears because we don't want any stress on the cervicals. On the lower back we're going to maintain a tabletop position. Now you can actually stay in that position and you'll start feeling the fatigue. You'll start feeling the triceps and the shoulders and the lats. Kim is so fit that that's not enough for her. So we usually call this exercise the bear, but we're going to go into a scorpion. What the scorpion is basically you're going to lift the leg and the arms together in opposition. There you go. And rotate? And rotate, yes. It takes a little bit of practice but you're doing perfect at it. So you're kicking the leg up like a donkey kick. Perfect. And you're raising the opposite arm. And what that does engages every single muscle fibers in your body. Now, your body hs to stabilize and balance itself. But, you also has to lift the opposite limb together and that's is a very challenging exercise. It's definitely challenging. [LAUGH] Yeah, and these are the best way to engage not only your rectus abdominis transversus but your obliques, your Every muscle that's in the trunk is working. And then you'll start seeing that after doing this, even a minute, you'll feel your entire abdominal belt will tighten, you'll feel way tighter in the waistline. These are the best exercise. So this will really work all of the abs, the obliques- Absolutely, yes. Core. And then also remember that you cannot out train a bad diet. So ultimate, if you want to just get that tight, and that sexy waist, you have to make some changes to your diet. You can't just do abs, you have to [CROSSTALK]. You have to put down the cake at some point, right? Right, exactly, and I would know about that because I love pastries, so. Thank you so much, that was awesome. Thank you, you did awesome. Thank you.
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