VIDEO: Proof That Ryan Reynolds Is the Sexiest Father Alive

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Inside the October issue of InStyle, on newsstands and available for digital download now, actor Ryan Reynolds speaks out about ruling the big screen and being a new father, and we've got the exclusive video from his shoot.

In the clip above, Reynolds waxes poetic about how his style has evolved since becoming a dad, shares how he feels about helping wife Blake Lively get dressed for the red carpet, and reveals the decade that he says was the least kind to him, hair-wise. Watch the behind-the-scenes video above to see the smouldering star during his sexy InStyle photoshoot. 

PHOTOS: Ryan Reynolds Looks Absurdly Handsome in InStyle's October Issue

For Ryan Reynolds's full feature, pick up the October issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now.




I'm Ryan Reynolds and I'm at my InStyle shoot. [MUSIC] What's my favorite part of the shoot today? It'd probably be the vintage Steve McQueen motorcycle. That does it for me. That's my porn. It actually doesn't ride. Unfortunately the exhaust has been taken off. But it's a beautiful bike to look at. It's an old Triumph. [MUSIC] One piece in my wardrobe I can never get rid of. Probably Chuck Taylors. That ain't going anywhere. When I was maybe 19, I had to The dyed blond hair, just you know, full look, like puka shells, everything. Yeah, I look back at that steeped in very deep regret [LAUGH]. That was pretty bad. That was late 90s. Yeah, I think I got my act together a little bit more in the 2000s, but yeah, the 90s were just, for me, were just unkind. How's fatherhood changed my approach to style? It hasn't changed it at all. I've got vomit on more of my clothes than I did when I didn't have a child, but, no, I don't think it's changed any. It shouldn't change anything. We you have a kid you should dress how you wanna dress. You should feel the way you wanna feel. You don't need to alter anything drastically. You know, especially for guys, I mean, my wardrobe is pretty minimal, so, there's not a lot to change. Oh, I wouldn't dare weight it on my wife to to look [INAUDIBLE] the red carpet. She really knows what she's doing. It's mostly just light and [INAUDIBLE]. A compliment or what. [INAUDIBLE] Solid compliments but, you know, people like feedback. People like to be reflected and to work in their relationship. [MUSIC] When I'm dealing with bow ties, I think because I try to maintain this kind of traditional ideal that I will tie the bow tie myself, that I can sometimes take up to an hour to get that right. I'm not very good at tying bow ties. [MUSIC]
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