How To Fake Perfect Skin


Wish you could go bare but your skin needs a bit of extra help? Right this way…


[MUSIC] I always wish I was one of those girls who didn't have to wear foundation, but like most of us I definitely need a bit more help. But to avoid looking like you've got a big mask of makeup, which I think is the most aging things you can do. My top tip for applying foundation to make it look like you're not wearing any is to chose your tools wisely and then tailor them to different areas of your face. So start by chosing a light weigh foundation I really like this one by Georgio Armani. Then work out which are the areas of your face need more coverage, for me it's definitely the red areas around my nose and under my eyes [MUSIC] So here I'll go for a foundation brush. Because that always gives you more coverage. Whereas for the rest of the face, the forehead and my cheeks, I'll use a dump sponge cuz that gives you less coverage. So the overall effect is great skin that looks like skin. [MUSIC]
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