How To Do DIY Highlights

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Sunkissed highlights. Your heart is saying yes, but your wallet is saying no – sound familiar? Here’s how to get the look without spending a fortune…


[MUSIC] The reason I've never colored my hair is the terrifying costs of maintenance. But I've always really fancied that Gisele-esque, golden highlighted look. So to get the look without the hefty price tag, try this fab DIY recipe. Take 5 chamomile tea bags put them in a tea pot and pour in boiling water. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then let it fully cool down. Decanter into a spray bottle and spritz it through from end to end. Take a comb and comb through and go and chill out. In a few hours. You'll find the combination of the heat will bring out the hairs natural gorgeous highlight. A gorgeous look for the price of a few teabags, bargain.
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