How To Choose Your Perfect red

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Red: it’s your ultimate seduction tool but if you still haven’t found ‘the one’ try this trick now


[MUSIC] i don't think I ever quite believed it when makeup artists said there was a red lipstick out there for everyone. But I found this weird little trick that I'm going to share with you now. Most of us know the general rules to finding a red lipstick. For example, if you have a yellow undertone, go for an orange-based lipstick. Or if you have a pink undertone, go for a blue-based lipstick. But most of us don't know what that undertone is. So to find out, a really easy way is to pop a bit of pinky blush on one cheek and. A peachy blush on the other. And the one that suits you best is your undertone. Now, for me, it was definitely the pinky blush. This is why I went for this blue face red by L'Oréal Paris. And I think I finally found the one. [MUSIC]
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