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Colorist to the stars Louis Licari demonstrates how to get sun-kissed hair at home, using a hair painting kit.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Louis Licari. I've highlighted the hair of Scarlet Johannsen, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kim Basinger. Today I'm going to show you how you can highlight your hair at home. [MUSIC] Highlights are the easiest and most natural way to make your hair brighter and lighter. [MUSIC] The great thing about highlights is that you only have to touch them up about every three to four months. The way I recommend you highlight your hair at home, is to use a hair painting kit. Hair painting kits are easy, everything that you need comes in the kit. How it works is there's a powder for the highlights, and there's the developer. You literally mix all of the two packages together, and it makes a formula that looks a little bit like this. The secret here so you don't make these little blobby messes all over, take up the hair that you would like to color. Lift it right off of your head, take the hair color, and start from the scalp and work the color out. What I'm using here, is an eyebrow applicator. I always just throw away the applicators that come with the kit because this is a little bit more exact. This is again, a little inside salon tip. The great thing about highlights today with these head home hair painting kits is that you can see exactly where they go. This is our first streak. So, we want to go lighter and brighter around the face. I mean, that's what everyone wants because when you highlight your hair correctly, it just really brightens you up. Depth at the root is important. So what I like to do is make the hair a little more subtle at the root then as we get towards the end, make it a little bit thicker. Will it look a little rooty? Yes. Will it look right on target? You bet. Remember, who are our highlight icons? Gisele Bundchen, Sofia Copolla. The hardest part of coloring your hair at home is doing the back of your head. The best way to do it, is get a hair color buddy, your sister, your girlfriend, if not, just get them yourself, arrange them the best way you can. Life the hair up and just go straight up. The great thing about highlights is we're not doing the whole head, we're just doing the top layers. So, if it's a little bit dark underneath, don't worry about. Okay. Any part that she doesn't like with the applicator, you just touch it up. Alright Chrissy we'll give you one more right around in the face. This is gonna be your trade mark. Okay. The good thing about highlights too is that you can you know, make the highlights unique to you. When highlights are done correctly, you customize the placement of the strands of colors. So that no one else has that exact same pattern. Each highlighting kit will come with directions. Remember the finer your hair is, in this case Christy has a lot of hair. But each hair is fine. That's a surefire sign that the hair colors gonna cook quickly. I would say that on Chrissy hair, within 15 minutes, she should be shampooed, and she should look like she's just been running around the beach all summer long. Today we taught Chrissy how to highlight her own hair. notice it's brighter around the face, more hair color on the bottom, more subtle on the top, it looks exactly like the sun did it. Best part, touch up every three to four months. Chrissy, you'll look like you were kissed by the sun. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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