Reese Witherspoon Charms as "Newly Separated Loser" in Home Again Trailer


Reese Witherspoon is at it again, starring in a new movie that we literally cannot wait to see.

Home Again, set to premiere on Sept. 8, follows Alice (Witherspoon), “a newly separated loser” navigating her way through single motherhood after moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two daughters.

Matters complicate further when Alice invites three young, budding filmmakers to stay in her guesthouse.

From what we’ve gathered, the film is a happy cocktail of mid-life crises and feel-good family fare—it’s basically Big Little Lies in rom-com form.

Aside from the draw of Home Again’s leading lady, the film has a lot to offer in the way of outside talent. The ensemble cast includes Lake Bell, Michael Sheen, Candice Bergen, and Nat Wolff, and boasts the directorial debut of Hallie Meyers-Shyer (Nancy Meyers’s daughter—Meyer herself serves as one of the film’s producers).

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We’ll see you in September!


Hi, I'm Reese, and you're here at my InStyle cover shoot. [MUSIC] I work a lot. I try to get a lot of rest. I don't feel like I look rested, but thank you for saying that. You know, just. Lots of love in my life, I'm very blessed to have a lot of love coming at me, and, and I try to give as much as I get. [MUSIC] I really like Instagram because it's a way for me to connect. To my fans. I never really had that experience before so having that is a way to sort of hear from my fans is amazing. I like funny animals like Darcy the flying hedgehog or Prissy the pig. You know, things like that. [MUSIC] I love working with Sofia Vegara. She just immediately charmed me. She's incredibly beautiful, of course, but funny and engaging and such a great girlfriend. The thing I love most about her and about meeting anybody new for the first time and somebody who has a sense of humor about themselves. I think, you know, life is hard and you've gotta laugh at yourself. [MUSIC]
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