Hollywood Medium Is Back! Tyler Henry Dishes on the Stars You’ll See in Season 2

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When Hollywood Medium first premiered in January 2016, we couldn’t wait to watch 20-year-old clairvoyant Tyler Henry in action as he met with celebrity clients onscreen. And after watching the psychic sensation visit the homes of Olivia Culpo, Jodie Sweetin, Boy George, and more within the first 10 episodes of the E! series, we were officially hooked. 

Luckily for us, it turns out that Hollywood Medium’s first season only scratched the surface when it comes to Henry’s famous clientele. His Hollywood roster has continued to grow over time, which means we’ll see a whole new crop of stars seeking connections with late loved ones when the show returns for Season 2 Aug. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on E!. “We have a whole new tier of celebrities, and you really get to see a very personal side of the readings and actually how they affect me,” Henry told InStyle when he stopped by our New York City offices last week. “So I’m really excited for everyone to watch them.”

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Among this season’s highlights? Readings with Kris Jenner (a star that even Henry, who rarely knows who his celebrity clients are when he meets them, “definitely recognized”), Melissa Joan Hart, Tori Spelling, and Moby, whose reading Henry described as being “so surreal” and “the most surprising.”

To find out what else you can look forward to from this season’s biggest guest stars, press play on the video above—and be sure to tune in for the Season 2 premiere of Hollywood Medium tonight at 8 p.m. ET on E!


[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Tyler Henry here at InStyle, to talk about Season two of my new show, Hollywood Medium, on E. Season two has so many amazing readings and I can't wait for everyone to check them out. We have a whole new tier of celebrities. And you really get to see a very personal side of the readings and actually how they affect me. [MUSIC] Reading Kris Jenner was absolutely amazing and when she opened the door I was absolutely floored because I never know where I'm going or who I'm reading. So I definitely recognized her. And when we sat down it was actually really interesting Interesting, because not only did I bring through soe Kardashians, but some Jenners actually came through as well. [MUSIC] Tori Spelling's reading was actually one of my favorites in the season. Cuz I didn't know who she was and I actually made some connections with some people that came through that the viewers will be really surprised by. She came with the intention of connecting to one person and a whole bunch of other people Feel connected. [MUSIC] Reading Melissa Joan Hart was so surreal, cuz I was a massive fan of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. And her reading was really interesting because she had a really strong Christian background and she really kinda needed it to be explained, as far as what I do, to really be open to it. And it ended up being one of the most profound readings of the entire season. [MUSIC] Of all the readings I did, I was most shocked by Moby, just because I'm a massive fan of him. So It was so surreal and it ended up being a beautiful connection. I was the first psychic greeting he'd ever received and by the end of it, he left a believer. [MUSIC] Little John's reading was really one of my favorites. Because I felt like the connections that we were able to make were so personal. And a lot of the information that came through, he'd never talked about publicly. And the love ones that connected were actually his parents. And it was really Really emotional to be the person to deliver the information and by the end of it there was a total transformation. And the end of the reading, I actually brought him out to meet my mom and she was completely starstruck. because she though that he was Tyga. [LAUGH] So that was awkward. Thanks for watching and make sure to tune into my show on E!, August 10 at eight pm. [MUSIC]
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