Hollywood Hair Trends


Find out how to get perfect party hair like Ali Larter’s.


[MUSIC] We're seeing a lot of changes going on. There's a lot of women who had a lot of long hair like Ali, who went and got bangs thrown into the hair. Cuz it's a great way to really change it up without losing all your length. Now on the flip side, what you're seeing is a lot of people cut their hair right off. We've seen people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, people who have famously long hair have decided to lop it off into a long bob. I think it's really fresh. It's really modern and it's a great thing for the summer. This is like a little shiny, ready for summer, effortless do. Especially when you wear a dress and you get all fancied up. I don't like my hair to look too done. You know, the look for her is just really simple. Because, you know, she's got beautiful hair. And when you can get it to a great blow dry and have it really have a lot of movement, her hair cut's amazing. She's got all these layers, these new bangs that she's been rocking for the last few weeks. And she really hasn't seen it just simple and beautiful. And that's exactly what we wanted to do today, really effortless and easy. Harry Josh is incredible. He's such a talent, he's so creative. And so, I have utter trust in him in whatever he thinks. This is probably one of the easiest looks anyone's gonna be able to achieve at home. I think the most important thing you're ever gonna have to worry about is your foundation. And for me, shampoo and conditioner, such a big part of trying to get it to, like, the healthiest part you can. So, we just round-brushed her hair. So, it's just about blowing it out with giant sections of a round brush. Did it in ten minutes. Just clipped the hair into three sections, it was great. I'm not somebody who likes to spend a lot of time on my hair or a lot of money. That's just not how, you know, how I operate. I think the biggest thing with hair is that you just want to have a great time and not take yourself too seriously. So, you know, do the best that you can do and then go out and have a great time. Because you're just, like, your energy shine through. [MUSIC]
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