HITTING THE APEX - Movie Trailer

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HITTING THE APEX - Movie Trailer


[SOUND] This is the story of six fighters. Six of the fastest motorcycle racers of all time. And of the fates that awaited them at the peak of the sport. [MUSIC] A MotoGP bike accelerates faster than a Formula One car. [MUSIC] Crashing can mean flying through the air faster than a free-falling skydiver.>> [UNKNOWN] Simoncelli's gonna do it! [UNKNOWN] We were in big trouble with the bike. [UNKNOWN] We are riding at three hundred per hour, we are playing with our lives. [SOUND] They need these when one guy puts in danger other guys. [INAUDIBLE] they collide! He's [INAUDIBLE] Mark Marcus, the youngest ever winner. Marcus gonna get very close. [UNKNOWN] has gone. [UNKNOWN] He's very young. You have this hunger and this ambition. The Monkey has gone down. In my career, I don't take a lot of risks. We are not just guys that live the dream. We are also humans At which speed did you lose the front? When I crashed, it was 300 kmph. He was very, very lucky. This is what you have to do. Brake as late as possible, turn. Hit the Apex. Accelerate. Stay on the motorcycle. Crashing hurts. Stay On...the bike. [MUSIC] And fight! Fight! Fight!

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