Hilary Duff 'sCover Shoot

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See the star on the set of her photo shoot as she discusses her passion for fashion.


[MUSIC] It's really exciting to be on the cover of Your Look and it's a very fun fashion magazine. So I was, I was really excited when they asked me to do it. It was fun to do a story that has a lot of bright colors mixed together. Maybe it's because of I changed my hair color, I was just sticking to, like, neutrals or darker colors and I definitely want to start incorporating more color into my wardrobe. The inspiration for the outfits was just to have things that really popped, that were colorful and bright, and really summed up summer. Every day I wake up inspired to try something new or I see something that I want to try in my own wardrobe, and I like everything. This Proenza was nice with the linens. Quite a heavy linen. And I think it just really gets jazzed up with the yellow. It looks so beautiful on her. Just really simple and graphic. Hillary Duff's style is quite eclectic and quite streety, and sometimes quite rock 'n' roll. I'm really not picky. I like to try different things. Hilary's favorite outfit was the blue DKNY. It's like a cotton poplin halter neck dress. I have really fair skin and so I don't even try and tan, just because it's so bad for you. Just use a tan out of a bottle. And it'll be all good. [MUSIC]
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