Hilaria Baldwin's Best Yoga Poses for When Moms-to-Be Just Don't Feel Like Getting Out of Bed

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Yoga for 2

You work hard at the gym, and just because you're pregnant it doesn't mean you have to dial it back—barring doctor's orders of course. Still, all moms-to-be have those days when we just don't feel like getting out of bed (and hey, for some of us, that's every day, even when we're not pregnant).

As part of InStyle's Yoga for 2 video series with yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, we asked the fit, soon-to-be mother of three (she's expecting her third child with husband Alec Baldwin) to come up with a yoga sequence that was tough enough to get your heart rate going but easy enough to motivate you in those moments of weakness. "These yoga poses will keep you feeling fit and feeling good," she says in the video above.

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So grab a yoga mat, and start sweating. For more from Baldwin, check out the rest of our Yoga for 2 series, and follow her on Instagram.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Hilaria Baldwin, yoga teacher and soon to be mother of three. I teamed up with In Style to bring you the best yoga poses to help heal common pregnancy ailments. Today I'm going to show you three exercises that will help keep you fit and feeling good even on those days when you don't feel like getting Out of bed. All you're going to need is a yoga mat. So you can come to the back of your mat, come down onto your knees, walk your hands forward. Hands are just gonna be nice and wide and then curl your toes under, coming into downward facing dog. If you tend to get a little bit dizzy here you can always look forward at your hands but if you can release your neck completely this is a really nice thing to do for your back, for your neck muscles. You can pedal the feet a little bit, wake up the backs of the legs and then find a nice solid downward facing dog. From here, you're gonna inhale the right leg up, and then you're gonna exo step it through in between your hands. Nice and wide. If it's hard to get it up there, you can always take the hand to the ankle and push it further forward. You're gonna take your left foot forward. Now have a nice wide stance so that as you fold forward, you have space for your baby. As you inhale, you're going to reach the arms above the head nice and smooth, nice and slow so you don't get dizzy. And then as you exhale, you're going to fold all the way back over the legs. Release the neck completely. You're gonna step the right foot to the back of the mat. Nice low lunge. You're gonna step the left foot to the back, gonna press the floor away. From here you're gonna take the left leg up, you're gonna step the foot in between the hands nice and wide again you might have to help it and move it a little bit to the left. You're gonna step the right foot nice and wide, fold completely, relax. Relax your neck. Inhale all the way up, nice and smooth, focusing your eyes so you don't get dizzy. Exhale folding all the way down over your legs. From here, step the left foot back. And then you're gonna step the right foot back, downward facing dog. From here, you're gonna drop down to your knees. Focus, notice if your heart rate is a little bit elevated. That's all good, that's what we're going for. But again, you never wanna get dizzy, so you can always take breaks. I sometimes like to do five or six of these to really get my heart going. The next exercise that we're going to do is toning our arms. So, whenever I'm pregnant, I realise that my belly is going to get bigger but my arms and my legs don't have to get that much bigger. So we're gonna do some nice good old fashion mommy push-ups, as I like to call them. So your knees are back your hands are directly underneath your shoulders.Spread your fingers nice and wide bring the heals towards the seat so you're activating your hamstrings and your glute a little bit. Then you're going to just lower down a couple inches and then you're going to press up. Don't worry about getting too close down to the floor. It's not about that it's about feeling the work the exercise in through your arms. Lowering in left to keep the shoulder soft. Feel that you're pulling your baby in towards your spine. So you're really activating your center. And then once you make it ten, you're gonna taka a break. You're gonna shake the arms a little bit and then you're gonna try to do three sets of those. And you're going to be very happy, you're going to be prepared to carry your baby around afterwards. The last exercise that we're going to do is coming to lay down on your back, we're going to do a little bit of a bridge pose and work your hamstrings and your gluts. Now some people say don't lay on your back completely when you're pregnant, doing it briefly is totally fine, so come to lay down on your back And then watch what we're gonna do, we're gonna lift the pelvis up so everything is fine. You're gonna separate the feet as wide as the mat. Flex the feet, turn the toes out. Now from here I'm going to lower down a couple of inches and then lift up a couple of inches. Lower down, and then lift up. Lower down and lift up, so all the insecurities of Your hamstrings and your glutes getting out of shape while you're pregnant can be combatted by doing this exercise regularly. I like to do about ten of these, take a break, as you take a break roll to your left side, and then you can go back for another two sets. So three sets of ten here. Lowering and lifting, really digging the heals down to the ground Relaxing the shoulders completely and then when you're done again roll to your left side, take a moment, catch your breath, when you are ready to sit up do so gently you always wanna move slowly when you're pregnant to make sure that you don't get disease especially when you go from lying down to coming up quickly As with any exercise, you want to make sure that you check with your doctor before starting this. And I hope these exercises help you in your pregnancy journey. For more ideas visit instyle.com/hilaria or follow me on Instagram @hilariabaldwin. [FOREIGN] mama.
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