Hilaria Baldwin Helps You Deal with Back and Leg Pain During Pregnancy

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Yoga for 2

Feeling some leg or back pain (also known as sciatica) is fairly common during pregnancy, but just because its prevalent doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it.

In our new video series Yoga for 2, we teamed up with yoga instructor and soon-to-be mother of three Hilaria Baldwin (she and husband Alec Baldwin are expecting this fall) to bring you exercises that will help ease common pregnancy ailments. In the video above, she demonstrates three easy moves (all you’ll need is a yoga mat) that will help make this commonplace problem not so everyday. “I hope these exercises help you in your pregnancy journey,” Baldwin says.

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For more ideas on how to stay fit during pregnancy, visit instyle.com/hilaria or follow her on Instagram at @hilariabaldwin.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Hilaria Baldwin. Yoga teacher and soon to be mother of three. I teamed up with InStyle to bring you the best yoga poses to help heal common pregnancy ailments. Today we're tackling nausea with three simple moves All you're going to need is a yoga mat and a pillow. So come onto your mat, you're gonna come onto all fours, hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the pelvis. So we're just gonna do a simple cat cow. One of the most common problems when we're nauseous is we stop breathing and we have too much tension. So as you inhale you're going to look upwards, we're going to come into cow pose, bring the shoulder blades together, as you exhale press into the knees and into the hands, release the neck completely. Full inhale look upward, shoulder blades together, now think about separating your sit bones. And then as you exhale, squeeze your glutes together relax your neck at the bottom. Full inhale in, looking up, nice and smooth. Full exhale out. Inhale in. [MUSIC] And exhale out. You can even soften your eyes, you can close them, relax your brow completely. One more time, inhale in. [MUSIC] And exhale up. [MUSIC] And you can do about five to ten rounds of this, and it should just help you get your circulation going, relax the nausea a little bit. It feels really good. I promise. The second when you're going to come into is the butterfly pose. Now, if you have a lot of tightness in your hips and your back, you can always take a pillow And you can sit up on it, and this can help a little bit. Once you do this, you're going to separate the knees, bring the feet all the way together. And then from here, all I want you to do is interlace the hands behind the neck, and you are gonna tuck the chin, bring the elbows in towards one another. And you're just gonna breath nice and smooth here. You should feel a nice stretch going all the way up through the spinal column. Relax your brow, maybe even close your eyes. Again, focus on breathing. This is going to help you a lot with your nausea. Long inhales in, [SOUND]. And long exhales out. Releasing through the hips, hips in pregnancy tend to get very tight and we also need to prepare them for child birth. So any posture like this is a really good one for you. Five to ten rounds of breath here. Gently come up. Focus in front of you to make sure that you're not dizzy. And then we can move on to the next move. So then the last move that we're going to do today is just laying on your side. Now, people say that if you lay down on your left side You tend to feel a little bit better so I often sleep like this. I'll take a pillow, press in between, put it in between my legs, and then you can release all the way down. You can also take another pillow and put it underneath, or you can take your arm just like this. And just take as long as you want, you can pass out here if you like, this is a good way to end your practice, and you can just release some of the nausea Focus on your breath, focus on releasing, and realize that the nudge is temporary and one day it will pass, I promise. When you're ready to come out of the pose, gently press yourself away. You want to move particularly slowly when you are pregnant, and especially when you're coming through these positions where you're laying Down, sitting up, so that you don't get dizzy. As with any exercise, when you're pregnant, you always wanna consult with your doctor before beginning. I hope these exercises help you in your pregnancy journey. For more information, visit instyle.com/hilaria or follow me on Instagram @hilariabaldwin. Namaste mommies. [MUSIC]
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