Here's What Kristen Bell Has to Say About Moisturizing with Food and Smelling Like a Mai Tai 


Yes, of course given the opportunity to interview her,  I want to ask Kristen Bell how long it took her to perfect the “XOXO, Gossip Girl” phrase, but that doesn’t do a lot for my beauty routine, does it? Priorities and perspective people.  If I ever get the opportunity to chat with Kristen again, I promise that will be my first question… after I ask her about the products she uses to boost her glow. This chick is downright radiant. 

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So what is this video you’re about to watch all about? We had the amazing opportunity to speak with Kristen all about her beauty routine and her partnership with Neutrogena Naturals. Speaking from experience, the brand’s new Brightening Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 25 is not only incredibly affordable ($15, woooo!), but it’s super lightweight, made with 94 percent naturally derived ingredients, and obviously, it works to reduce the appearance of discoloration. That’s a BIG one in my book. 

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In honor of the release, Kristen took the camera and gave us the scoop on the weirdest skin-care trick she’s ever tried, which includes moisturizing with one of our favorite foods and eating her placenta. She even chatted about the tip she’d give her younger self, along with the importance of taking time for yourself, and smelling like a mai tai. 


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi Mimi. [BLANK_AUDIO] I've tried a lot of food on my face, I've tried moisturizing with avocado, it's messy and tasty. I ate my placenta. That wasn't really for skin care but it was weird. [BLANK_AUDIO] I would tell my younger self always wear your sunscreen. It's actually what my mom told me and I'm very grateful for it. I think that's why I've Looked very young for a long time. Because beyond just the skin care health benefits, not getting skin cancer, it reduces wrinkles. And my Neutrogena Naturals Brightening Daily Moisturizer has SPF in it because I don't leave the house without it. [BLANK_AUDIO] So in our family, the idea of putting on your gas mask before assisting others is really important. I think people are at their best when they take time for themselves and that's It's definitely something I wanna impress upon my daughter in whatever they might be into whether it's napping or science or archery. Take time for yourself to enjoy things so that you can sort of feel good. [BLANK_AUDIO] My at home spa night is definitely a bath, to get indulgent, with epsom salts which makes my muscles feel very good. And it usually ends with a slathering of coconut oil so that I smell like a Mai Tai
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