Here's How to Sneakily Tone Your Buns and Thighs at Work  

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Working out can actually be a part of your work day.  


We totally get it: Exercising at the office can draw a little too much attention to yourself and can be totes #awkward if you’re in an open work space. But guess what? It totally doesn’t have to be that way. 

In our most recent Facebook Live we teamed up with Breanna Bartley, an instructor at SLT and a certified trainer, on how to literally exercise in disguise. 

She taught us nine different workouts that you can perform at your desk between emails, meetings, and various tasks throughout the day. 

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Most of the moves we tried out were geared towards shaping up the legs and the butt. Breanna gave us some killer workouts that target the inner thighs, hamstrings, quads, glutes, outer thigh, and even the lower abs. 

The sneakiest of all the moves is def the inner thigh hold. It’s as simple as holding a purse or makeup bag between your knees and squeezing your legs together. 
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For a little extra intensity, transition into pulses at the :30 second mark and just embrace the burn from there.

Breanna recommends trying to squeeze these into your day as much as possible, whenever you can remember to do them. No need to worry about counting reps and sets either—just do what you can!  

An added bonus: Incorporating these into your day can help you stay more mindful of your posture, too.  


Hi Facebook. I'm Roxana Domiant. I am the beauty editor of Mimi. And I'm Victoria House, I'm the editor of Mimi. And today we are here with the amazing Brianna Bartley. She is an instructor at SLT and a certified trainer and we are doing a little segment on exercise in disguise. If you're anything like us. We're always trying to find a way to get fit and be a little bit more toned, and sleek and [CROSSTALK] And work in our exercises on a daily basis when we're so busy. Whenever you can, and sometimes this means doing it at your desk. And we wanted to hear from, Brianna all about how to tone our thighs and our legs because sometimes squats are boring and you wanna get beyond just the typical move to just get a little bit more definition or toning, or whatever have you. And sometimes it's just good to move around. And add a little bit of excitement. Yeah. The worst thing is when your work out gets a little boring- Yeah. And you don't look forward to doing it. So yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. So as Roxanne said, we're gonna go beyond just your typical squat. I'm gonna give you guys some ideas on how to work your outer thighs, and your inner thighs. We won't, and obviously gotta work that glut. Yeah, gotta work that booty. [LAUGH]. Let's do that. shall not be missed. Do you want to get started? Let's start with the first exercise. >. Okay, cool. Let's say that you're at your desk. You obviously have a purse or a makeup bag. The heavier the object, the harder it is. I would recommend Just anything. So it should be full right? Full. It's a full cosmetics case? Is that okay? I mean, a full cosmetics case. I'm going full backpack. You're going full backpack. I'm going like full makeup bag. So it is heavier, so if you want something that's maybe a little easier so go towards maybe a little smaller and then if you want to like kick it up a few notches as we go? Yeah totally there's always ways to To ramp up the intensity and it's with weight, so a heavier weight. And it's with intention, so I know we talked about moving mindfully. So we're really squeezing, really sending the message to your body. So, you're gonna take your objects, you're gonna put it between your knees, yes. No cheating In the thighs, like totally cheating By your knees. Ground your feet, nice posture Okay Just squeeze Cool It's like you're almost trying to break it, almost. So how long do we do this for? Well generally at SLT our movements are a minute to a minute and a half maybe two Okay So ideally To work our slow-twitch muscles, you're gonna want to squeeze for about a minute. Or you can start intensifying it, now give it little pulses. Feel that? Also you're gonna get a little lower ab action when you- Yeah, I was gonna say. Right> Right there. Yeah. [LAUGH] I always feel like when I'm doing this, I'm always like, am I not moving enough? Is it meant to be just tiny little pulses? Yeah absolutely. So what the good thing is you're going to just feel it with just a little bit of motion. So if you almost, let's say you almost let it fall out, you feel how much you need to adjust to keep it there. Now magnify it. Like really try to bring your knees together. Okay. It can go from something to absolutely nothing. Even if you were to remove, you didn't have an object, and just squeeze your inner thighs together. Just squeeze ground and squeeze both. I mean, once you start training your body, how to squeeze and how to ignite You'll feel it even without the weight. Okay. Yeah. So really we should just be doing this all day long at our house. Sit like a lady. Is what you're saying. Just sit like a lady. Right? It's true. It's true. Or a gentleman. Whatever. And we do this. Ideally you would be doing this. For 60 seconds. Yeah, 60 seconds. Okay. Feel free to get a little cute with it. Add in some pulses around the 30 second mark. Really just squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You're gonna feel, like my inner thighs are burning already. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGH] Like you're gonna start to feel. And this is, it's so funny because this is a move that literally no one would know that you are doing. Yeah. So if you do have an open floor plan This isn't gonna be something like, what is she doing over there? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, you could literally, you could do this on a plane. Yes. So, no excuses anymore, basically. I know, right? Yeah. Plane, train, automobile, you're good. [LAUGH] As long as you're not driving. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe don't do that. [LAUGH] Yeah. [LAUGH] Driving [LAUGH] Bad idea! And let's say you wanted to sneak in a little lower ab because like who doesn't, right? You just lean back just a little. Then pick up your knees. Pick up your knees. woo! Should your **** be a little closer to the end of the chair? Depends on the chair and like your strength level. So the further you tilt back it's going to be a lot easier, but obviously Everyone can see that. I know, right? Think lower abs, just a little scoop. And what if you're worried about, like if you have lower back problems. Is there anything you should do before you do something like that or is that something to be avoided? Well no no no. You can absolutely But we either press down if your chair has an arm or on your desk. But you want to think C-curve with the spine. So not a flat back but navel in stapled to your belly. Okay. Small C-curve, rounding on the lower back. Great, so let's do Let's do a few of these. Yeah lift them up So lean back, arms down Yes, keep those, squeeze squeeze squeeze constant energy [LAUGH] like I hate this [LAUGH] should you be breathing a certain way? Always breathing, exhale on the hard part, inhale on the easy part Okay [SOUND] But they might here you, so [LAUGH] Whatever. [LAUGH] Well, Yeah. There are less obnoxious things. Yeah. [LAUGH] Or more obnoxious things. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] So, like this move is just seems so simple, but it really does activate muscles that you didn't even know would. Yes. Because I'm like [INAUDIBLE] lean back in my chair and exercise Yeah, you just chill. [LAUGH] but it really does. Not. And I think long-term it's good just to have good posture at your desk cuz I get lower back pain. And I think being mindful of doing something like these just even for a couple minutes long-term will help Just how I feel and like carry myself on a day-to-day basis. We should be doing this. What is it's name again? I just say it's the inner thigh hold. Sometimes at SLT we'll even put a Pilates ring between your inner thighs while you're working with springs and you Feel it like crazy. Okay. Yes. [LAUGH] Only a match. You're like no, thank you. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] If you're just tuning in, this is Exercise in Disguise, and we're going through exercises that tone your thighs and ****. And these are all little things that you can add to your workday and no one's really gonna know you're exercising at your desk. So if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and we will try to get to them. So let's Let's move on to our next exercise. We're going on to the hamstrings. [INAUDIBLE] Yes, okay, so what you do, so you're gonna choose your working leg, shall we all. Shall we? Which one, you wanna choose your right leg? Right leg? Right leg. Okay, so what you wanna do is you wanna take your left foot, tuck it behind your heel. This is going to be hardest behind your knee is going to be easiest. So you're going to tuck it down low and all you do, maybe hold onto the bottom of your chair. Or brace yourself against the desk. Just lift your right heel. Kind of like lean over to the side a little. Yeah, you can lean over. Whatever gives you a little bit of Space. You want to bring your heel to your bum. Imagine you're picking up to your tush. Like this? Your leg, your non-working leg is the weight. So Okay. And squeeze, squeeze. Your foot should not be touching the ground? You can let it, like if you need to let the foot rest, let it rest, but think squeeze up on a four count. So, one. Two. Three. Four. And now release. Two. Three. Four. Squeeze to your bum. Two. Three. Four. And yes. Release. Yes. Absolutely. So let's say you have a higher stool. You can maybe press forward. Press against the desk. Just kind of get in whatever position allows you to tuck your feet underneath. And bring it to your tush. Do you get a little oblique action in there as well? Or am I just a weakling? If you're lifting your hip, so chances are you're probably lifting your hip. You want to just think, but directly underneath. You could poke a hole on the bottom side. Okay, got it. So let's go through this again. I feel like now we got the move down. Cool, so You're perched on your chair, either front, for the sake of these chairs we're gonna turn it to the side, just so you can see. And you're gonna take your non-working leg, that foot, hook it under the working leg's ankle, just behind. Now if that's too intense, then you can bring, and I guess, Wardrobe allowing because we're at our desks. Yeah, yeah if your in skirt maybe just go for the hard set. So you can then tuck you toe underneath your working leg and all you think is imagine you're bringing your heal up to you tush. Try it on a slow four count. So, and up two, three, Four and release, two, three, four, and up, two, three, four. Squeeze it to your bum and down, two, three, four. Yes. Awesome.. Mm-hm. Cool, so I actually have a question. Yeah. Before we move on to our next move I think one of the problems that I always have when I'm doing these kinds of workouts, these toning exercises, is I feel like, and I'm fine by myself obviously, as I would be at my desk, I feel like I don't know when I'm doing it wrong and how to self correct. So for this move specifically I think And correct me if I'm wrong obviously. Yeah. We should be maybe feeling it in a certain place? Yes you're definitely going to want to feel it on the back of your working leg. So your hamstring right up here, that's where you're going to want to feel it. I guess depending on what you need to stabilize you might feel it let's say a little bit in your arms if you're pressing down to help you stabilize, or if you're pushing away. But that would be secondary. So, if you don't feel it in your hamstring, chances are, you're not squeezing your heel back and up to your tush. It's like if you were to sit perched on your heels. That's what you wanna think. Nice and up, up, up, and slow, slow, slow. Cuz at first You might not feel much but then as time you're like there she is. That's what happens it kind of creeps up on you. And you'll feel that right in the belly behind your Perfect. Yeah. So we have a reader question actually. Alexis wants to know who makes your colorful leggings? My- And I'm assuming that's to Roxanne. [LAUGH] Cuz we're in navy in black. My colorful leggings are actually InStyle covers. And they are by the brand Terez. And they have amazing You should definitely go check out the website. Their leggings are lovely, I love wearing them for bar classes and especially for spin classes And they're super fun because you know sometimes you want something a little more than a black legging Absolutely So let's move on the the next move. I believe we are Squat the SLT. The beads. Beads, cool. It's what [UNKNOWN] will [UNKNOWN] next. Yeah. Come on. We are getting ahead of ourselves. I really wanna spot the assets here. [LAUGH] Okay. So, what you are gonna want to do is you are going to sit at the edge of your chair. And you're going to lean back. Now, straighten your legs. Should my hands be back here? Whatever your abs need to get you secure. So this is like secondary. So you're going to point your legs out in front of you, rotate turn out, so you're like back in ballet class as a kid, yes? And then you scissor your legs open and shut, change the leading leg, yes. Open and shut. Squeeze your inner thighs. Think about your feet crossing to opposite corners. Inner thighs and you have to keep that rotation, also gets you that nice little like Shelf [LAUGH] underneath your thigh and your **** can- My gosh, [UNKNOWN] Feel this. I know. [LAUGH] So this is [UNKNOWN]. I have three fire emoji. Three! [LAUGH] [LAUGH] It is. Three on a scale- In millennial terms. If you were to describe this This exercise would be three fire emojis. Yes. Sculpted nice and sleek and also sort of gateway to lower ab as well because you're balancing. I definitely felt it there. Wow. So, again 60 seconds. Yeah. 60 seconds. 60 seconds is a long time. Open and shut. Just breathing. Nice and easy, make sure you're switching your legs. Okay, yeah. And if you're just tuning in again, which is exercise in disguise, but we're going through exercises to add to your day that will tone your legs and your ****. This particular exercise I would say maybe you're lucky enough to have a little bit more space in your work are. I feel like this might be a little Yeah. Yeah, or underneath. I mean as long as the person across from you doesn't mind that you're maybe kicking them. Underneath, perfect. Yeah, yeah, yeah, or you scoot your chair back a little bit. And I guess I didn't even think about that because you're under the desk, so that's- Yeah, so they actually can't see you. It just looks like you are leaning back and you know how they are taking a moment for yourself, people might wonder why you are winded. I know your face [UNKNOWN]. I think something's going on. [LAUGH] Awesome, so let's move on to the next exercise. Are we, is it squats, am I? Squats the SLT way .>> Yeah, we can do that one, let's do squats the SLT way. So everyone knows the squat. Yeah? Mm Hmm. But, at SLT we're very focused on your posterior chain, so that's your toosh and your hamstring. Okay. Fancy way of saying your **** and your hamstring. So when you stand up, you need to lead with your heel. The further your weight goes back, the more glute. So, ground your feet. Lower abs in, and then you just stand up. And then send your **** back, before you even think about bending your knee, send your ****. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, sit down, and then you pop back up. So really, we should just be getting up like this all of the time. Yeah, you can be like people think you're forgetful or something [INAUDIBLE] back? Yeah, send your **** back and then drive through your heels. Sometimes I've gotten so into the habit because I'm so obsessed with the **** that I automatically just like lift my toes up. So if you're like, mm I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Lift your toes up. The weight will shift up into your heels. Keep them there. Reach. Try to avoid crash landings by sending your abs back and stand right up.>>Okay.>>Yeah. So this is more for your tush.>>Okay. So it's not wrong. Regular squats. If you're knees come in line with your toes you're just going to get more quad. If we want a lifted bum send your weight back. In terms of how far your feet should be spaced apart, it should be under your hips. Okay Hip. Yep. All right.>>Absolutely.>>So moving on. Did we cover carriage kicks?>>We did not do the carriage kick.>>No. I'm very excited about this.>>Okay. So this one is probably better for your corner office. [LAUGH] Or if your co workers don't care, So you're gonna wanna stand up for this one, but you're gonna stay low. So let's all do our right legs, so we'll face the right. So, you wanna bend your right leg, this is gonna be our working leg, into a 90 degree angle, or as close as you can get. [INAUDIBLE] Yep. Yes, down. Now, you want your right knee stacked over your hell. Cause we're all about that bass. Yeah. [LAUGH] Yes. Use your desk, or use your chair, and lift up your left foot. So the left leg is our non-working, the right leg is our working leg. Now shoot it behind you. I'll try not to kick you, we'll not kick each other. And then scoop your abs in as you bring your knee to your navel. So it's the isometric holt That's when your muscles are not changing in length, in the right leg. Now, the further back you go, the more tush. If you have your knee over your toe just over your toe try not to pass it, not best for alignment. The more quad so it's gonna be great for toning everything you get as low as possible went back as far as possible Yes! So I have a question. Yeah? If I want to intensify this, right now I'm struggling so I'm like, not right now. You're like, why am I even asking this question? [LAUGH] Later when I get way more strong. [LAUGH] Can I hold a weight? Is that a thing? Yeah. Or like a water bottle. Okay? Yes. I do wanna try that. Yep. There's your weight. So, you can hold it. Okay. So, I just hold that down? Yeah. You can hold it. Maybe by the working leg, or what you can do is you can pulse that back leg. Can you straighten your left leg and pulse it up, like a little kick. Up. Up. Yes. Flex your tush. And you get a little under So, in. In and out. And then up. Yeah, so maybe you are like I want abs, so you are gonna do lower abs. If you feel like you wanna work the glut today then kick up. So three times? Yeah, sure. Three. And we want to go slow and stay low. You're creeping up. You're like enough with the weight. [CROSSTALK]. And you do one minute on each side I'm assuming? Yes. Think slow. Think out. Two, three, four, and in two. Naval to spine. You want that See her bringing her knee into your chest is sort of the idea. Okay. Lower [UNKNOWN] tush, if you wanna little extra side tush you take that little leg lift in the back. I loved that little leg lift, adds so much. Yeah, so the leg coming in and out makes it less stable. So that's what we're doing, so then abs right? So next move is the abductor kick. Yeah, okay, so let's all face the right. We're going to work our left leg. Our left leg is going to be the working leg this time. So just sit like you're sitting pretty. Always! Go ahead and wrap your right arm around the back of the chair for support. Or you can press against your desk, whatever, depending on the furniture in your office. Now at 90 degrees, I want you to think about sending your toe just up, keeping your bend but lift your toe up. Yes, she's going for two legs. But you can just do one round. Just one? Yeah, just one. Yes, let your knees separate and just lift like you're putting it on a table top and then down. You're gonna feel this activate, you're gonna eve feel your left oblique. My gosh. [LAUGH] She's like no. [LAUGH] And, can you just put your hand anywhere? Is that the Yeah, if you want extra abs No arms, ma. Yeah, look, ma, no arms! [LAUGH] Yeah, and obviously, if you wanna intensify this, I mean, it's a lot right here. You add [COUGH] if your purse has a strap or whatever, you can just put it here. I mean, They might think you're weird at work, but whatever. They already think I'm weird at work, so. Do you, that's okay, do you, do you. Yeah, and then you're getting this outer thigh, the saddle bag area that a lot of women are concerned with. It's pain point, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so that's what you wanna work. Awesome. Yeah, you just keep lifting as high as your flexibility in your leg will allow. So here's something, too, that I struggle with, is that I feel like I always slouch. Okay. So is this like a time to work on your posture, as well? Always. Cuz you push your shoulders, like what's the best? I feel like yeah, I get this part down, and I know what I'm supposed to be doing. Yes. But am I supposed to be holding my upper body in a way while I'm doing this exercise? Absolutely, we always wanna keep the spine in line whenever possible. Okay. So abs in, perfect posture, channel your inner ballet dancer. and just lift. Then you're also going to use your abs a lot more. You can rotate your shoulders back and down. Okay. And just lift. Yes. You'll feel this wrap around work as well. Yes. We're all so focused. [LAUGH] We're all silent.>>I feel like I would do this all the time at my desk because aside the fact that it's a rolling chair. Could you do this on like an exercise ball or would that be ill advised?>>That'd be very difficult, but Take a chair or a workout bench. Mm-hm. And you can do that. So then we switch, and we do this on the other side? Yes please, let's have even bodies. Should we even it out? So pretend we did the carriage kick on the other side, and then yeah you can flip around, and do this side. So we have another reader question. Mm-hm. Our reader wants to know, do we need, this is a great question by the way, do we need to be even wearing tennis shoes, to do these exercises? Absolutely not. You just- See, that's awesome. That you can actually do all of these, and be completely in work wear. Yeah, so I would suggest, if you're wearing heels, kick off, because it changes your center Of gravity, but bare feet, flat sneakers, get little cute loafers. Men wear loafers. [LAUGH] Whatever you're into, yeah, a flat shoe or no shoe. Okay. And how often would you say that you recommend doing this? Aside from taking a regular exercise class or exercising on your own, how often would you recommend someone does this at their desk? Well I would say do it as much as possible. Because real world, boss is gonna come in, you have to answer an email, things will get interrupted. So it might be a little bit more spread out than you wish, and it won't be as concentrated like if you were at class. So whenever you can remember is honestly the real answer. So I think we have one more move And that is the pistol squat? Yeah. Boy. I'm scared. You got that. I'm scared. So we know our pistol squat. Is this the most intense version? This is probably. Because it's a one legged squat. That's intense. Yeah. [LAUGH] Boy. So, here's the thing. They are challenging so just have fun with it, yeah? Okay. And because at SLT we're very interested in your back side of your body, we're also gonna wanna lead with our heel and send our **** back when we sit down. So, ground your feet. Actually, for now, go ahead and use the assistance of your arms and just pick up one leg And stand up through that heal. Now. Your supposed to be keeping your leg up the whole time. Yes keeping your leg up. So this is like a test of balance as well. Yes absolutely core, core, core, core, core. Now when you sit down send your tush back like you're reaching for the chair. Like someone pulls it out for you. You're not sure where it is, you're not sure where it is. Yes, exactly yes, yes. That's awesome. Stand right back up again, drive through that heal. Woop. Yeah. I need to work on my balance. No this is great. Yeah my god I consider myself a fairly fit person and this is killing me. So You're gonna definitely also want to use energy between Between your inner thighs to help you keep everything zipped, locked, and [CROSSTALK] And should we, should our toes be pointing up cuz [CROSSTALK] it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Sometimes when I teach class, I will demonstrate here. I like legit hold my foot. I don't know why it just feels great. Obviously, you probably wouldn't do that at the office unless you're like trying to sneak a little yoga in but anyway [LAUGH] So just But if you need to make it a little easier, you can go ahead and cross your foot over your ankle, makes it a little easier. A lot easier. A lot easier. My balance is not where it needs to be, guys. Yeah, just squat up and down. So this does not ask as much of your core as the single leg out. Yes. Try to drive through your hell and stand up. Yes. Heel first heel first. Nice. Excellent.>>That is not easy friend.>>I know. But it's okay. Just keep thinking reaching and sending the abs back and send the tush back. You'll be surprised when you go for it one day- That's like a full body move. Are you sweating? Yeah. I'm getting a little warm. [LAUGH] And so we should be doing that again a minute each? Well I would say go for ten. Go for ten probably each leg and then you try to start smoothing it out. Ironing out the kinks. Make it look cyclical. Like the moment you sit down you lift back up like it's not a thing. That's how you challenge and progress yourself. So obviously like this one I feel like was here, here. Yeah, a figure four. Yeah. A figure four, I feel like this one, I think I'm at this level for this. Uh-huh. You just kind of work your way into it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh-huh. Like okay. Absolutely. And then just trying the other move as you feel. Yeah, when you're feeling ready or you're feeling extra centered or something [LAUGH]. And then stick the leg out and just lift, and then push back down. You make it look so graceful. [LAUGH] Brianna Bartley is [UNKNOWN] [LAUGHTER] Awesome. I think we went through all of our moves. And yeah, so this was Exercise in Disguise, where you know a girl or guy who wants to get as much fitness in as they can, in maybe their office or their day-to-day, learn some moves to just throw in and spice their day-to-day life up. We are MIMI and this is Breanna Bartley, and we Are signing out. Thank you for joining us. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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