Here's How to Get Jennifer Aniston's Braided Updo


We're used to seeing Jennifer Aniston wear her blonde tresses down, but occasionally she pulls her hair up into the prettiest updos we've seen. Living Proof Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan was the genius behind this braided style, and InStyle's fashion and beauty editor at large, Kahlana Barfield Brown, went straight to the expert to get all of the details for creating the look.

This 'do isn't about making sure every piece is in place, but instead sculpting a perfectly undone braid. "It needs to have that I-did-it-myself look," McMillan explains. To start, he says, "take about two-thirds of the top of the hair and split it in three." As you're creating the French braid there is no need to worry if pieces fall out of the braid. Allowing the loose strands to frame the face is what really makes this style look carefree. Once you reach the end of the braid, "curl it under, take bobby pins, and pin it up." Be sure to press play at the top to see exactly how it's done.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kilana, with InStyle. And, I'm here with Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist, Chris McMillan. And, he's gonna show us how to get her braided updo. I could always sell a good updo for Jen if it's a messy, messy hairstyle. So, it needs to look natural and everything? So, it needs to look natural. So, it needs to almost have that I did it myself look. Okay. So I just pulled, and just pulled some pieces back, rake it with your fingers. Take about two-thirds of the top of the hair. Mm-hm. And basically split it in three, and then what I did was just did like a French braid. And like a braid, just keep adding a little bit. It's nice when you leave pieces out around the face. You know, nothing too perfect. And I like with you, I like leaving it kind of little sexy pieces hanging around the edges. Okay. You just have a basic, kind of French braid. Kind of like what you used to do in junior high school. Curl it under and take Bobbi pins. [MUSIC] And pin it up, and add a little height. And you can start breaking it up, and making it a little messier. Pull pieces out and stuff like that. Go through the sides. You can use your bobby pins to add balance. Exposed bobby pins I love. It doesn't matter if you can see them. The messier the better. [MUSIC] You have that texture in the back, and yet again, like I said, it's about just pulling, look and see how you like it. And whatever you don't want done. What's nice is it looks like a braid, but it looks like a fold. It looks like an updo kind of, but it's not. It's a down do. So pretty, and it only took you less than five minutes. Thank you so much, Chris. [MUSIC]
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