Want To Wear Spring's Pink Trend But Not Sure How? Let InStyle's Dana Avidan-Cohn Help You Pull It Off (and Shop It)!


For 20 years, InStyle editors have served up fashion in a fun and accessible way, sprinkled with a dash of glamour and a dose of celebrity style. And today is no different than 1994—save for our tech-savvy skills of course. In honor of our 20th milestone, we culled style tips straight from our editors for our Real-Time Fashion video series that takes an inside look at all the trends we're lusting for this season.

In the segment above, Senior Market Editor and Digital Correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn breaks-down spring's pink pastel trend—seen everywhere on the runway from Prabal Gurung, Burberry Prorsum, and Christian Dior—and just how you can pull off the look. "The way to make pink feel new and modern is very simple, you just take out any of the feminine elements and sub them in for something a little bit edgier," suggests Avidan-Cohn. What's more is you can even shop the styles you see in the video, like that Tibi midi-skirt ($395) or the fluffy Topshop crop jumper ($60), just by visiting 20th.instyle.com. Before you know it, you'll be pretty in pink.

To be a part of InStyle's yearlong celebration, visit 20th.instyle.com for all things 20.

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Strong pastels were very prominent on the spring runway, especially the color pink. This season really seems to be about anywhere from those soft nudes to really those blushy powder pinks. The way to make pink feel new and modern is very simple. You just take out any of the feminine elements, and sub them in for something a little bit edgier. I love to pair them with a black leather trouser, it feels cool, and slouchy, and unexpected, and can transform something. As girlie as a fuzzy pink sweater, into something cool and edgy, and current. That any girl could pull off. [MUSIC] I love the playfulness of a longer skirt in pink. The midi length skirt is the skirt. If you don't own one you need to go out. And get one today because this style is going to be around for awhile. I love the idea of a blush blazer over a silk tank and then you can do something more playful by adding a printed pant that feels really fun, it just. Make sure that your shoe is really simple. This is something you could wear to the office provided you work somewhere creative. [MUSIC] My philosophy is just to keep it simple, and to pick silhouettes that work for you that you feel confident and beautiful in. And just make them pink. [MUSIC]
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