Helen Mirren Was the Queen of the Tony Awards


Helen Mirren won the first Tony award of the night
for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Audience.'


Helen Mirren proved to everyone, Sunday night, when you are really good at something, you should just keep doing it. For example, playing Queen Elizabeth the second. Mirren took home the 2015 Tony Award for best performance by a leading actress in a play for her portrayal of the Queen in the audience. Your Majesty you did it again. So clearly when Mirren plays the Queen we should all just bow down. She won the Oscar for best actress back in 2008 for playing the same role in The Queen. No my sister Told me that all kids love to get gold stars, and this is the biggest and the best gold star that I have ever had in my life. Even Tony Award's host Allen **** and Kristen Channewith knew they had to give Miran her due in their opening monologue, and they did it the only way they knew how. No one moves like the same. No one drinks like the same. No one stinks like the same [MUSIC] Okay. So maybe implying Mirren stinks Wasn't the best way to go. But we totally get that it's hard to find anything that rhymes with the word drake. And we bet winning the first award of the night totally made up for that snafu in Mirren's book. Sunday night's award marks the actresses's first ever tony win. All hail the queen.
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