Harley Viera-Newton Introduces Tiffany T

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She’s equally comfortable spinning beats as she is at strutting down the catwalk, so it’s no surprise that model/DJ Harley Viera-Newton is also a pro at pairing bold, energetic jewelry with her favorite fall trends. “When you’re investing in a piece of jewelry, everyone wants something that works with a lot of different looks,” she says. “Once I find a piece that I love, I live in it and wear it again and again.”

Bracelets are a definite go-to, whether Viera-Newton is running around the city in her favorite jeans and sweaters or donning a pretty patterned frock for a night out. For day, she favors mixing and matching minimal bangles and modern cuffs to pull her casual look together, while an evening out calls for a stack of sparkly bracelets. Viera-Newton loves to layer necklaces or add simple earrings to finish her fall look—which often includes a pastel coat. And as no stranger to daring details, she eschews the notion that white is off-limits in winter, boldly wearing a white mini-dress with a monumental cuff on each wrist. Watch the above video for more of Viera-Newton’s accessorizing tips, then complete your look with Tiffany T.



[MUSIC] Living in New York, it's really important to invest in versatile pieces. I like to wear a big sweater and jeans when I am running around the city, to meeting, when I am travelling. It's just a really safe go to uniform. So, it's a really staple for me. Seeing as the sweater and the jeans just more comfortable, more casual, glaring the bracelet. Just makes a little bit more pulled together. They can also be really pretty and elegant at night worn with a different look, more of a cocktail look. For an event I really love a little dress, it's kinda my go to, my whole closet is full of little dresses. Anything a little bit vintage inspired I love. For an evening look like this. You can go for a more refined bracelet. You can go for a little bit of a sparkle. I really loved pairing the earrings with a little collar. I think it's just really fun and ties it together. And it's nice to have a little sparkle on the ear. In the fall, I love to layer. I love to throw a big coat over a little dress. Think that works really well, because it's a great transitional look. You can wear it day to night, and, you know, you're comfortable in the coat all day, but then you have your little dress for the evening on underneath. This coat is really comfortable, but it also has a modern look with the cropped sleeve. When you're layering, you can also layer with the jewelry, so it's fun to play with necklaces. It's fun to play with bracelets, add a ring. They're really modern pieces. You know, I'm a huge vintage fan so it's nice to have a more modern graphic piece to just sort of update the whole look. I see some people would be a little bit scared to wear white in the winter. It's something that you can really have fun with It's a little bit daring, but really it's just fun. Wearing two bold cuffs can be a little unexpected, but I think when you're wearing a really monochromatic look like this, you can really go for it. It's a very bold look. And I think pairing it with the double cuff looks really nice, and strong. When you're investing in a piece of jewelery, everyone wants something that looks great with a lot of different looks for a lot of different occasions. Once I find a piece of jewelry that I love, I would live in it. I would wear it again and again and again. [MUSIC]
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