Watch Hamilton's Leading Ladies Dish on Their Off-Stage Style

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When your onstage alter egos spark more than one million tweets and countless #squadgoal memes, it's clear you've not only transcended the social sphere but also come to dominate the pop-culture conversation. Just ask Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Phillipa Soo, who play the pitch-perfect Schuyler sisters (Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza) in Lin Manuel-Miranda's Tony-nominated, Revolution-era hip-hop hit, Hamilton, on Broadway.

"During their time, these women were cultural royalty," Goldsberry says. "I like to think we're bringing a bit of Sasha and Malia Obama into the 1700s because our characters are from such a prominent political family—they're the daughters of a general."

Fittingly, the actresses recently spent a day with the First Family at the White House, where they spoke to young people about the importance of theater art and, with equal poise, performed rap lyrics so complex, they'd make Eminem proud. So, just how hard is it to beatbox in corsets? And what do they wear when they're finally free of those constricting undergarments after a show? To find out, InStyle sat down with the actresses for an intimate, style-centric chat during a shoot for our June issue.

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Watch the video above to hear about the perks of playing dress-up for a living.

For more from the Hamilton stars, pick up a copy of InStyle's June issue, on newsstands and available for digital download now.


[MUSIC] It's been a crazy ride. At this point, it's been almost one to two years that we've all been a part of this. And looking at Hamilton has been life changing. It reminds me of that Whitney Houston song, One Moment in Time. [LAUGH] It's hard to even put in words. And I probably found the words five to ten years down the line when it all sinks in. [MUSIC] Most of the time it's either jeans or Sweats, sneakers, my beanie. I feel like no matter what I wear to the theater, I always try and make sure that I have one accessory, usually it's in the form of a hat, that totally makes whatever I'm wearing cool. [LAUGH] Beautiful thing is that I don't really wear makeup in my personal life, so when the show is over, I still have Angelica Schuyler makeup on, and it makes whatever I showed up in look better when I'm leaving. Works out really well. [MUSIC] Well, we're wearing pants. [LAUGH] That's different. It's fun to be able to kind of see what's new, what's out there, what different people are inspired by. I love to play dress-up, especially when it's not my responsibility to pick the clothes and somebody as talented as the stylist we have today And is working with us. [MUSIC] You become really intrigued by new fashion when you're wearing the same thing every day. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] It's one of the few moments in a career that you actually feel as glamorous as I think people think our lives are, and coming to shoot In Style Magazine with this brilliant stylist and his brilliant team. It's just kinda nice to do something that's not your daily routine and laugh around and play dress up and be girls. My celebrity style. Crush would be a hand full of people. The first being the Hepburn, both Audrey and Katharine. And the second would be Janelle Monae I love her. My celebrity style crush would For a classic red carpet look. I've never not seen her look great, even in person would be J. Lo. She just glows. She always looks so beautiful. And for somebody that's newer on the scene, I'm really loving Ava DuVernay. She's the director of Selma. I love that a director has such beautiful and unique style on the red carpet. She's really an inspiration. To me. I think mine would be Tom Hardy. He always looks fly—[LAUGH] On the red carpet, and Zoe Kravitz because her personality always comes out in anything that she wears, and it looks amazing on her. [MUSIC]
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