Halsey Becomes First Female Artist to Hit No. 1 on Billboard in 2017


You go, Halsey!

On Sunday, 22-year-old teal-haired pop singer Halsey officially broke records in becoming the first female artist to top the Billboard 200 album chart in 2017. Her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, catapulted her to the No.1 spot—and for good reason. Think album sales are dead? According to Billboard, the project sold 106,000 album units as of last week.

So who, other than Halsey, was the last strong woman to dominate the charts? None other than Lady Gaga, who brought the house down with Joanne in November. Impressively, Halsey is among a surprisingly super small set of solo female artists, including Gaga, Solange, and Barbra Streisand to top the Billboard 200.

Naturally, Halsey took to Instagram to show her excitement. “I can’t believe this! I executive produced this album and wrote every single word of it! I remember when I was just stoked to have cool blogs writing about me,” she wrote, adding, ”I remember playing my first SXSW and just hoping people would like me. I remember sitting down to write this album in one of the lowest points of my life and crying when the words wouldn’t come.”


The rest of her message will maybe spark a tear or two. “I have never been happier in my entire life and I can’t stop smiling. I will never be able to express my gratitude and every day I wake up and revel in how awe-inspiring this is. Thank you guys for believing in me and making me feel like I’m not alone,” she wrote.

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If you’ve yet to download Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, here’s your official reminder: It’s about to take over your summer 2017 playlist.


[MUSIC] All right. Moving on the the most outrageous looks of the night.s Still fresh off of her Superbowl halftime extravaganza, Lady Gaga showed of in a new pink do and plenty of underboob in a shiny leather get-up at the Grammys red carpet. What do you think of this look by Lady Gaga? I love this look. To me she was the best dressed of the night, because it's so crazy, it's so traditional Lady Gaga. I love the over-the-top underboob. The leather, I don't know what else is going on there. Does she looks comfortable in it though? Absolutely. You think so? She is at her most comfortable when she knows that she's freaking people out. I mean that's exactly right. And you know as we said before, performing with Metallica that whole thing, it was the kind of vibe that she needed to sort of channel and man she did. I get that All this coming off.>> And I like that red blue.>>Coming off that you know body shaming coming off of her whatever that her former friends. I think that's a great like f u Like I look hot.I loved it .>> Alright let's bring up Jo's let's make America great again dress. Give it to me honest is there anything great about this look? It was Certainly obvious, you know to get attention, now what do we think about it? So she was not being ironic. I'm serious, she was being this was not a protest outfit, this is true. Right and it was on a statement of support, yeah. Okay. Right I believe so, yeah. All right. I mean, I know I'm agreeing with you if you're saying that. I think that was the move here. I'm saying I think it's very interesting then I mean who knows for sure. I don't know for sure what her vision was but definitely an interesting move but what Sarah what do you say. I mean it definitely got people's attention, whether that be positive or negative I don't know, I would've left it at home and done something different. To me it didn't read as ironic, to me it read this is like a Statement. But I made you know, perhaps I'm missing something. But whatever the case lot's of attention to detail there. [LAUGH]. Yeah, very interesting. Now there's another shocking look with Celo Green, or should I say Celo Gold. That's good. Hey, what do you think he was going for here? I mean everyone's talking about this look. This is? I want to say that it looks like C3PO. Someone he said he looks like a [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] That is perfect. [CROSSTALK]. Breathing. Yeah. But [LAUGH] So that's about it for that? It's quite the look. Yeah, it is definitely an attention getting look. And it's like, are you under there? Is that really even him? [LAUGH] I don't know. Right, it could have been some random dude. It says he's Ceelo, we'll take your word for it. I guess it's him. Halsey took a bit of a fashion risk tonight with her skin baring blue two piece. Is skin a sin, or are you enjoying this look? You tell me. Skin is not a sin. [LAUGH] I read what is written for me, okay. [LAUGH] But in this case is it a sin? Effect. Take it all up there. [LAUGH] Look out, he might do it. [LAUGH] But what do we make of it? So apparently she was channeling TLC. Which I totally get. If this was an homage to TLC, then I'm there for it because I love that era of TLC That said, if you don't have the explanation to go along with it, then it just doesn't quite. It had a huge life-size cutout of somebody else from TLC wearing that to just carry next to her. Then it would really get it. Like if she went down the red carpet like. [CROSSTALK] Don't go chase the water fountain. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] I see what you're doing. I see what you're doing. [CROSSTALK] .>> All right, moving on to another one that got everyone talking. A Girl Crush made a name for herself with this bubbleicious gown. What did you guys think of this? To me it looked like the McDonalds like the balls in the playground. [LAUGH] And they just put them all, you know what I'm talking about? Jump in the, play balls. [LAUGH] And glue. It feels like something I want to buy for my two year old so he can just jump around in it, exactly. But it doesn't look real. It looks like something from a romper room. From the world of fashion though making a statement like that, what is the statement? Or does it seem high fashion at all or does it seem ridiculous? It's a little ridiculous. Yeah. [LAUGH] So this is my question, what if somebody like Lady Gaga wore that- Right. would it be kind of a different effect? I don't you, you know what I'm saying. I hear the question, maybe but this one is just a little too crazy. This ones too crazy? I think so. I think Lady Gaga people still say what was she thinking, well that is Gaga, that is great. She did wear meat. Meat, so I mean- Well, right, for the woman who wore a meat suit. You can't really sit down in that. That's a very valid point. Yeah, [LAUGH]. All right, we can't talk about tonight's winning records without mentioning the winning records on this dress. CDs might be out of date when When it comes to playing music, but Jacqueline Van Bierk resurrected them with this Andre Soriano gown. Wow. I mean, look at this. Landed already on some worst-dressed list. Again, very bold. And what are people gonna say about it this year? Girl, live stream. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] All I have to say about that. Man. Yeah, it's quite the look. I would love to watch, behind the scenes, on how they decided to pick these outfits, some of them. Right. Like here's, this is the thing, we're gonna do it. [LAUGH] Well, whatever the case. Just keep moving. See these gloves, a big, like plumage. I mean, you're just doing a lot. Well, yeah. And I don't know what exactly to say if it was, but either way, got us talking, and it was intriguing and entertaining all the way through. Yeah. Yeah, that was it.
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