Halle Berry's Cover Shoot


Go behind the scenes of our cover shoot to find out what Halle thinks about fashion, kids and music.


[MUSIC] Halle arrived on the set and was so un-diva about the whole thing. She was wearing jeans tucked into big beautiful black boots. A long sweater and sunglasses. We wanted to show Halle in her element. We wanted to get the vibe of a Manhattan busy street, but we shot in Long Island City because there's less fans outside that might swarm around. A few fans did show up and crowded the shoot but Halle was so sweet and greeted them all with a wave. As a kid, lavender used to be Halle's color of choice for her wardrobe. We chose a lavender Valentino cocktail dress for her to wear on the cover. Not only did she wear a body hugging number on the cover, but she wears a different lavender dress inside. It's Bill Blass and, she wears it with Trippy bulberry jewels with it. She just loved that dress. Halle's hair looked so windblown and there was a little wind involved. Our hairstylist was blowing blow dryers at Halle as she was being shot by our photographer. Halle's personal style is a lot more classic. If she likes a trend she'll attempt to wear it. But she actually has pieces in her closet that are eight to ten years old that she still wears, and nobody's any the wiser because they're so classic. Halle pretty much owns metallic as a fabric. During the day, she was able to wear a metallic python coat by Celine and looked perfectly appropriate and gorgeous. It'll make you want to run out and get your own silver coat for spring. Halle Berry is 40. I'm surprised that this is not a headline on every single publication all over the world. She's redefining for women the world over what 40 really means. Because she is more beautiful than ever. One thing that Halle really wanted to have was Carly Simon music. A lot of people request upbeat dance tunes. Halle Berry was classic and calm and tranquil. She has so much inner peace and she just radiates that. At the end of the day Hallie loved absolutely everything that she had worn. Whether it was s dress, a top, or earrings. They were all beautiful. [MUSIC]
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