Gwen Stefani: 60 Seconds of Style

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The superstar dishes on style, designing clothes and her favorite way to shop.


[MUSIC] Just did some makeup. We're going for a little bit of the film noir. Doing something a little different on my eyes. Haven't really done this before. Feel really lucky that they, that someone wants to put me on their cover. [MUSIC] I think that, you know, style is just something that just comes from within you. Funny thing about style is, I don't really like to talk about it. I just like to do it. I love to design clothes and I love to wear them. Every opportunity I can, which is pretty much every day of my life, I like to get dressed up and go out and so, it's just something I've done, ever since I, I can remember. We like this outfit the best. We're crossing our fingers that they choose it. What is that, do you know? Louis Vuitton. [MUSIC] One of my favorite things to do is not go shopping. Like today I asked my stylist Andrew Lieberman, who I love, ooh, don't you have your girls going out all day? Can't they just Then I can shop at the photo shoot, and she did. They do the edit for me, and then, I edit that, and, and that's really, I feel really guilty about it. It's very luxurious. One of the perks of the job. It's not a job though, is it? It's my life. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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