Grammys 2013 Video: Celebrities Show Off Their Shoes!


What makes a great Grammys look? Fabulous shoes! We asked the stars attending the InStyle and Warner Music Group party to reveal their designer footwear for the evening, and captured all the high heel action on videoChristina Perri described her Gucci pair as "comfortable" and "totally worth it," Kimbra said her Miu Miu sandals made her "feel like a princess," and Dita Von Teese pulled her sky-high Christian Louboutins straight from his Paris atelier. "They were something he was working on," Von Teese says. "He was like, 'Just take them,' and the matching bag, too!" Watch the clip above to get more inside scoop on the hottest (and highest) heels of the night!

Plus, go inside the InStyle and Warner Music Group party. 

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— Lindzi Scharf


[MUSIC] They're Christian Louboutin. I was in his Paris atelier, and they were something he was working on. And he's like, just take em. And the matching bag, too. So, here I am. The shoes are Aldo. I'm a vegetarian. So it's, you know, it's hard to find shoes that are animal friendly and Aldo has. so many great options. My shoes are by Jimmy Choo and so is my purse. And it was actually my shoes and my purse from our wedding. so I end up, I just, you know I love them. This is actually J Brand. I like to be like super casual. So these are like fun to go out with a pair of jeans and they make me look taller. [LAUGH] Giuseppe Zanoli and I just love it because it has all the gold. Gucci. And they're so comfortable. I've worn them now like 6 times. I'm like yes, it's totally worth it. These are Christian Louboutin. I had these in my closet for almost a year now and I was trying to find a special event to wear them to. And, you know, what better than the Grammys? These are Miu Miu shoes. They're pretty amazing, aren't they? I mean I'm not a big bling bling girl, to be honest. But, when I saw these I just thought, gosh they make me feel like a princess. And this is the fairy tale night for any woman, isn't it? Yeah. The Grammys
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