Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley On What's Sexy

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What gets the Gossip Girl star in the mood? Slow, sultry music, sweat and chocolate-covered strawberries, for starters...


[MUSIC] I'm Penn Badgley, and I'm here at the inStyle photo shoot. I think sexiness is completely different from being aesthetically good looking, like being beautiful. [MUSIC] Sexy is like, come on stares and attitude. [MUSIC] Playing music actually for me, is the right kind of music. It's probably among the times when I feel sexiest. The music that I play and write is, is, is soulful. Or as I like to think it is it's sultry, slow most of the time. Soulful hip hop, like common. A lot, a lot of his beats are very jazzy. I think that music is very sexy. [MUSIC] Playing sports, you know you feel sound in your body, and that's it helps you feel sexy. Being active, I think, like I said, it's not, it's not like explicitly sexy. It's not like when I play sports, I'm thinking about sex. I think maybe after sports, when the cheerleaders are around. [LAUGH] Maybe. That's that's when it's sexy. [MUSIC] I just recently went to Europe for the first time, and I'd say Paris is kind of sexy. Paris is beautiful place in the first place. New York is a sexy place. You can make any place sexy, really. Chocolate covered strawberries. There's something sexy about it. You watch a, a, a beautiful woman. You get chocolate covered strawberry. I think that's very sexy. The way that a woman wears her clothing, and, and jewelry or, or doesn't wear it. I don't think I've ever said sexy so many times in one [LAUGH] in like a 5 minute period. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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