Golden Globes Beauty

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See the hair and makeup trends celebrities rocked on the red carpet.


[MUSIC] We saw some amazing looks on the red carpet at this years Golden Globes. Here's some of our favorite hair and makeup trends. [MUSIC] Ponytails were a huge trend at this years Golden Globes. When you think of ponytails to thnk of it being a very casual look. But when it's styled the right way it can look very elegant. We saw them on celebrities like Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Piper Perabo. Piper Perabo was wearing a bright red lipstick with a long black gown and her ponytail was the perfect girly accent. If you're going to a party the key to pulling this look off is making sure that it's really neat. You don't want it to look disheveled, you want it to look very clean. One trick that we've learned from celebrity hair stylists is after you've put your hair in a pony tail, take a toothbrush, spray it with hairspray, and brush it around your hairline to get rid of all the frizzies. The 60s inspired updo is another huge trend that we saw on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Celebrities like Claire Danes, Natalie Portman, and Carrie Underwood all wore this look. They were very structured and traditional with a ton of exaggerated volume at the crown. If you want to create this look at home, the key. He is really teasing. Take a fine tooth comb, tease the crown section of your hair, brush the sides, and pin it up in the back. When it came to lips at this years Golden Globe, celebrities either went bold or nude. In the bold category, January Jones went with red, Heidi Klum went with the orange shade, and Natalie Portman went with fuschia. We've love bold lips because they're sexy and fun, they make a huge statement, and draw attention to the face. When your wearing a bold lip, apply very neatly and just be sure to keep the rest of your make up very soft and subtle. Eva Longoria, Emma Stone and Sandra Bullock all went with matte nude lipstick. It's an elegant and timeless look that always looks classic and not too loud. When your looking for a nude lipstick, pick one that's either a shade lighter or a shade darker that your complexion. If you go with one that's exact same shade, it will wash you out. We expected to see sexy smokey eyes at this years Golden Globes, but instead celebrities skipped eye shadow and eye liner and piled on the black mascara. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Sophia Vergara layered on mascara to give their lashes that sexy voluminous effect. To give your lashes extra drama black mascara is really the key. Take the wand and really wiggle it through to lengthen as much as possible. Or you can also try strip lashes if you really want to go all out. [MUSIC]
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