Golden Globes 2013: Show Us Your Shoes

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From Rachel Zoe's Brian Atwood platforms to Selena Gomez's sparkling gold pumps, the stars reveal what's under the gown.


[MUSIC] So these are Brian Atwoods, and they're brand-new, and he's one of my best friends in the world. I love wearing his shoes. I wore them New Year's Eve and I danced all night. Oh, very cute. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] I do comfort, that's all I do. There's a lot of bling going on with these shoes. [NOISE] I've never really, I've never really done this kind of bling before. Super comfortable, I love them. They're cute, little. [MUSIC] I would say, based on the amount of height that I wear when I dance, I would say they're about four inches. I kind of didn't want to do too crazy with the shoes because it was the Golden Globes, and I remember they gauge it by styles, and I was like, maybe if it was. Grammies. I could go a little crazy. But I mean I I understand what tonight was. I'll try to find them. [MUSIC] But I, there you go, they're Jimmy Choo. Thank you. Alexander Birman, yes. They're so yummy aren't they? They're divine. These are Jimmy Choo, of course, which I'm obsessed with. [MUSIC] [NOISE] They're almost to a point of being comfortable. They're the best part of the night [LAUGH]. Peeking out under here are my favorite Casadeis. [NOISE] I'm obsessed with this sort of metal heel. And the mint killed me. Okay, honest to goodness, if we can gush about them, let me tell you. I'm wearing Casadei shoes that I have never worn a higher heal in my whole entire life and god bless the platform. [MUSIC] I hope to god it never goes [LAUGH] out of style. I love them. Are they easy to walk in? [NOISE] They're easy for now but I think you know I've got a hour or [INAUDIBLE] An hour and a half then I'll be out. [LAUGH] Charlotte Olympia. Yeah, they're fantastic. [NOISE] Yeah, I've worn them all day and my feet still don't hurt. [MUSIC] Can I just say, I'm doing pretty good with these may actually. They're very simple but classic and gorgeous Vivier shoes and. They're keeping me comfortable, elevated, happy. [SOUND]
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