Go Soaring Behind the Scenes with Emma Stone for Her Latest Revlon Commercial

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We are taking you behind the scenes of Emma Stone's latest commercial for Revlon. She recently shot this campaign for the Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Collection ($9 each, available at revlon.com and select drug stores), which are moisture-rich balms that come in 30 different colors and 3 fabulous finishes including lacquer shine, matte velvet, and flushed stain. The commercial was directed by John Cameron Mitchell in a New York City townhouse, and features Emma surrounded by balloons that match the shades of the ColorBurst Crayons.

The actress has been a brand ambassador for the beauty brand since 2011, and she has become part of the Revlon team. "I’ve been able to be involved in some of the creation of it from the ground up. John really took this balloon idea to the next level. Sent it soaring!," Emma stated about the shoot. As for the balm itself? Emma has a tough time deciding on shiny or matte. "It depends on the day," she said. "I love the crayon product. It’s a lot of fun. It’s really great and it is really easy to use and I enjoy that." Watch the making of the commercial above, and look for it in full when it premieres this week. MORE:
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[MUSIC] I mean, shiny or not depends on the day. So, the sky's the limit now. We are shooting a commercial today for the new Revlon ColorBurst Crayon collection. and the are unveiling two new types of crayons matte and [UNKNOWN]. and it's a commercial directed by John Cameron Mitchell. Emma's light you know frothy yet classy, and she has that kind of Jean Seaberg, French new wave heroine feeling. And I'm finding balloons, kind of like the movie The Red Balloon, and each balloon has a different finish to it which mirrors the lip. Crayons. It's really easy to direct her. I think it's cuz we have the same sense of humor. I follow direction. I follow the rules, most of the time... And, you know, me being an actor helps directing actors. I wouldn't be surprised if she started directing me a bit too. I used to be able to be involved in some of the creation of it, from the ground up. [MUSIC] I enjoy that. Believe it or not. John really took this balloon idea to the next level. Send it soaring. You finish this.
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