Go Inside Lauren Conrad’s Gorgeous Beverly Hills Penthouse

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the star's swanky digs and her to-die-for closet.


Hi. I'm Lauren Conrad and welcome to my InStyle At Home shoot. [MUSIC] My favorite room in my house might be my bathroom. It's very peaceful in there. I'm a big fan of, like, a claw foot tub. At the end of the day when you wanna come home and take a bath. And it's sort of just a very calm, relaxing. Relaxing room. My style, as far as decor, is pretty similar to my style when I'm dressing myself or designing for the line. I definitely like neutral. I like investment pieces just like, I'm going to invest in a couch, I want a neutral couch. I'm gonna invest in a nice blazer or an expensive top, I tend to go more neutral and then when I'm looking for the bargains, they tend to be more fun pieces, like kind of a few different styles mixed in. I like to entertain. I'd like to entertain more. I've been pretty busy this year but I definitely designed this place to cater to that. Favorite dinner party I've had so far was when. Probably fifteen girls over here. And we had a theme. We wanted to do like a Mexican food night and everybody brought a dish. I made enchiladas. I think the best tip you can give someone when they're trying to decorate their own place is make it you. I think that your home should reflect who you are and your interests and you should be surrounded by things that you like. And it should be very much your own aesthetic. I don't know if I have a great organizational tip as far as closets I have a very disorganized system in here. I have like all my whites and neutrals and then all my blacks and then I have my party dresses and my vacations dresses, my day dresses. It's organized caos but I know where everything is [LAUGH]
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