Watch! 60 Behind-the-Scenes Seconds With InStyle Cover Girl Zooey Deschanel


She's just so fun! Zooey Deschanel is the "New Girl" covering InStyle's Annual April Color Issue, and we sat down with the star to capture her fabulous thoughts on style, nail art, and Saturday Night Live impressions on camera for 60 glorious seconds. "My sense of style is very specific," says Deschanel in the clip above. "It's a collection of everything I like, feminine, structured, clean shapes." She also revealed her hidden secret talent—which isn't so hidden anymore—and it's guaranteed to make you smile. Watch the full video above, and read the exclusive interview with Deschanel in the April InStyle—or downloadable to your iPad, Nook, or Droid tablet—on newsstands starting Friday, March 15.

Plus, see Zooey's beauty transformation (spoiler alert: she didn't always have bangs!).

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] My sense of style's very specific. It's a collection of everything I like. Feminine, structured, clean shapes. For me it was just fun and I would just wanted to stop biting my nails. So I started having different things painted. I was, you know, thinking of nail art concepts. I had fun doing it. [MUSIC] You know, it's a really honour that somebody would wanna do an impression of me. I mean, it's Abby's impression of me, but it's definitely like veers you know off of reality, but I make fun of myself, so you know. I thought that it was funny. And I liked participate [UNKNOWN]. I'm very good at the hula hoop Great hula hooper. [MUSIC]
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