Meet InStyle’s March Man of Style, Ansel Elgort

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There's a lot you might not know about the 20-year-old actor Ansel Elgort, like his side projects as a house-music DJ. But after his swoony turns in last year's The Fault in Our Stars and the upcoming Insurgent, you'll want to get to know him a lot better.

And we've got your primer on the young Marlon Brando lookalike. Watch the video above to learn how he feels about fashion and what he thinks is the most romantic thing you could do for someone. For even more on Elgort, pick up the March issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

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Hi, I'm Ansel Elgort, and I'm here at my InStyle shoot in New York City. [MUSIC] My personal style is kind of eclectic. I'm an actor, so I like to use style as a way to feel different about myself, depending on the day and depending on how I wanna feel. So if I'm just like hanging out at home or just around my neighborhood in, in Brooklyn where I live I wear very simple like just jeans and a white t-shirt. And if I'm gonna be going to like premieres, I mean, I dress up really fancy. So it really depends. People perceive you differently based on what you're wearing so I think style is important and my style really goes all over the place. It's tough to describe. Well everyone knows I've worked a lot with Shaylene(g). It's great, we're really happy we got to work on more than one movie together, because they're both very different movies and the roles we've played were very different. I hope that we work together more. Maybe not like our next movie. Gonna take a break for like a couple years, but eventually. I think the important parts of New York to see are not necessarily like the most touristy parts. If you've never been to New York before, you shouldn't go to Times Square for five minutes. But that's about it I think. Just to pop out of the subway look around and then get back in and like maybe go to The Cage at West Fourth Street and watch like ridiculous people play basketball because it's really funny. And then maybe I'd tell someone to go get some oysters at Fish which is a restaurant also around The Cage. Right after you watch basketball you can go get some oysters. You're asking me what the most romantic thing I've done for a girl is? And I this is my answer to that. I think that the most romantic thing you can do for someone shouldn't be public. Because it's less romantic if you tell everyone about it. It should be between you and the other person. [MUSIC]
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