Video: Go Behind the Scenes with InStyle for the Making of the September Issue Cover

September 2014 Issue

Without a doubt, Julia Roberts is effortlessly beautiful on the cover of InStyle’s September 2014 issue in Louis Vuitton. But for our creative team behind the scenes, months of prep and planning went into the one-day photo shoot. Trunks of shoes, racks of one-of-kind designer dresses, and miles of inspiration boards are just some of what goes into the cover magic recipe every month. From the initial photography concepts to the steaming of tables of jewelry on set, follow along with InStyle’s editor, Ariel Foxman, style director Melissa Rubini, creative director Rina Stone, and photo director Lisa Martin as they bring the cover of our 20th anniversary issue to life in this rare behind the scenes glimpse.

Read Julia Roberts's full feature in the September issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download Aug. 15.



September in the magazine world, in the fashion magazine world, is a big month, but these here, or In Style is an added bonus. We're at our 20th Anniversary. We have Julia Roberts, who is amazing and will be our cover. There's an extra adrenaline going. The whole team is. Trying really hard to make this a special issue for the readers. Well we came up with concept with photographer Michelangelo de Batista to do iconic portraits of her that really capture her spirit and layer in more fashion images that are pulled back, and in color, and give a sense of the season. Here is where things start to come together. I go through all the shows. We are thinking about using a lot of beautiful fall tones, the new colors, and we always get very, very close to our wish list. Between me and Ariel, we have a relationship that's, you know, very collaborative. He has a great taste. An impression, and a great eye for works the reader will like. We have a lot of clothes so you know, for Julia we'll probably have around ten racks of clothes, and 200 pairs of shoes, I don't know how many hand bags, tables and tables of jewelry, so it seems like. If one dress is missing, it will not make a difference. [LAUGH] It's very much the opposite, just like that dress, it doesn't arrive past 10 AM on the day of the shoot. That's the one that. You will be seeing that I would like to shoot and that Julia will love when she sees. Every single part of the puzzle is important. So today we are shooting September Cover with Julia Roberts. We always like to arrive and have everything extremely perfect and unpacked. And this time it was basically half an hour between. Decide where we could get in the location and waiting for today to arrive so everybody was unpacking this huge lot of trunks and clothes and bags and shoes they just kept coming from. So yeah, it's done. Shooting Julia was very much what the style experience should be. It's celebrating everything that is part of. Your life, not just your image but everything that you are like, your style inside and out. This one is just my favorite of the whole shoot. She looks so beautiful and relaxed and just real. For some reason I thought that this cover would be very hard to pick, but I- [CROSSTALK] For me. That's the one. The hair is good. The body is good. Her face is good. She just looks beautiful. It's like Yeah. That's the one. It's such a good feeling. Yeah. [MUSIC]
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