Go Behind the Scenes With Taylor Swift and Her (Fourth!) InStyle Cover

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The Grammy-winning artist reveals the inspiration behind her new album, her cat's name, and her favorite outfit of the day.


Hi, I'm Taylor Swift, and here we are at my InStyle cover shoot. [MUSIC] Today was amazing. Having shot a lot of things with InStyle in the past, they have sort of a track record of what we've done, and the fun thing about today was that they really tried to steer clear of any look or any kind of vibe that we'd previously gone for in other shoots. My favorite outfit was. Sort of plaid tartan kind of rainbow, I know I'm listing a lot of things, this dress was a lot of things. It was this gorgeous almost school girl, prep look. But it had this panel in the skirt, it was pleated and glitter rainbow [MUSIC] I guess for the new album I really wanted to make sure that it's just completely different. Emotionally, sonically, visually, all these different elements come into play when you're making an album. What do the photos look like? What's the running theme? So that was one of the main goals for me was making sure that I don't ever. Make the same album twice and I didn't with this one. It's very much a brand new endeavor and I'm so excited. [MUSIC]
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