Go Behind the Scenes With Taylor Swift and Her (Fourth!) InStyle Cover

The November Issue

 Taylor Swift is no stranger to photo shoots—particularly ones with InStyle. The November issue, available on newsstands and for digital download Oct. 17, marks the fourth time the singer adorns our cover, this time in a top, pants, and earrings by Louis Vuitton. (Previous looks included Burberry Prorsum in 2013, Fendi in 2011, and an Oscar de la Renta gown—straight off the runway—in 2009.)

“The fun thing about today was that they tried to steer clear of any look or any kind of vibe that we’ve previously gone for in the shoots,” Swift says in the video above. She may have arrived at N.Y.C.’s Milk Studios in a T by Anthropologie, but—as makeup artist Frank B. put it—she quickly transformed into a high-fashion model, showing off her serious side in a chain-mail dress by Mary Katrantzou and a stretch cady dress by Stella McCartney, among others. Her favorite? A “gorgeous, almost school-girl prep” dress with a glittery pleated panel by Marco de Vincenzo.

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But her InStyle spreads aren’t the only things she’s taking in a new direction. Says the “Shake It Off” singer, “With the new album, I really wanted to make sure that it stood for something different … That was one of the main goals: making sure I don’t make the same album twice, and I didn’t with this one. It’s very much a brand-new endeavor.”

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To read the full interview with Swift, pick up the November issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download Oct. 17.

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Hi, I'm Taylor Swift and here were are at my InStyle cover shoot. [MUSIC] Today was amazing. Having shot for a lot of things with InStyle in the past, they have sort of a track record of what we've done, and the fun thing about today was that they really tried to steer clear of any look or any kind of vibe that we've previously gone for in other shoots. My favorite outfit was. Sort of plaid tartan kind of rainbow. I know I'm lifting a lot of things, this dress was a lot of things. It was this gorgeous, almost schoolgirl prep look, but it had this panel in the skirt that was pleated and glitter rainbow. [MUSIC] I do have a new kitten, her name's Olivia. Her full name is Detective Olivia Benson, obviously. What better to name a tiny little kitten, than the name of a fierce female detective. I just really wanted a name that stood for like, crime fighting, and like, cleaning up the streets of New York. Which is clearly what this cat is going to do, acts like her path has already been chosen for her. She's going to be valiant. It's brave and, and she's going to fight crime. My fans make really funny things on Instagram. They'll find something that I didn't notice about my outfit. Like one time they found that in my tights, I had somehow gotten a hair tie stuck underneath my tights. And they like, close up on it, and they're like, how did you even do that? So, like, I'll find funny things that like, the fans create and I'll think [INAUDIBLE] I think on the new album I really wanted to make sure that it stood for something different, emotionally, sonically, visually, all these different elements come into play when you're making an album. What do the photos look like? What's the running theme? And so that was one of the make goals, just making sure that I don't ever. Make the same album twice, and, I just, it's very much a friend to endeavor, I'm so excited.
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