Go Behind the Scenes with Suki Waterhouse

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Actress and model Suki Waterhouse takes us behind the scenes of her March 2015 InStyle photo shoot.


Hi. My name's Suki Waterhouse, and welcome to my InStyle March shoot. [MUSIC] The shoot today was out in Malibu. It was an absolute dream. I got to climb trees and be out by the ocean, which is a big novelty for a Brit. And I'm wearing my favorite look from the day, which is the Scoochie embroidered poncho. [MUSIC] My routine for washing. Washing my face. I try and wash it as much as I can. I use a skin suitable and then I sometimes occasionally use something called a Barje but it's like Salic Acid and it's quite burny. But it's good for tightening. [MUSIC] My favorite red carpet look I've ever worn would have to be the Burberry dress I wore at the Met Ball, cuz it was absolutely huge, and if the floor beneath me collapsed, then I knew I would be my own parachute, so it's definitely my favorite look. [MUSIC] To be part of a major film franchise is an absolute dream come true. I felt so lucky and loved by everyone, and glad to be part of it. [MUSIC]
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