Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with Its Cover Girls


Last week, the world was abuzz with news that Lily AldridgeNina Agdal and Chrissy Teigen had each snagged the title of this year’s cover girl for the iconic Sports Illustrated 50th anniversary swimsuit edition. For the issue's major milestone, the magazine chose to feature three women on the cover instead of just one supermodel—and now we have a behind-the-scenes look at how the stunning and sexy photos came to be.

Shot in the Cook Islands, the cover features the gorgeous trio knee-deep in crystal blue waters with their arms around each other, clad in itsy bitsy neon bikini bottoms. "It's all about the white sand and blue water. So obviously you're working with these two beautiful elements," Teigen says of the shoot. "It's really nice to have really poppy suits and the neons with the background of this glorious, beautiful color and this beautiful white sand, which makes it just spectacular."

Each of the girls were taken with the brightly colored swimwear chosen for the cover. "It creates something special and something vibrant. It just stands out," Agdal states of the neon hues. The vibrant bikinis paired with the near perfect backdrop makes this cover one you can't miss. "There’s nothing sexier than a neon bikini and super tan skin and super blue water, and you just kind of look around like 'I can’t believe I’m here, I can’t believe I’m shooting Sports Illustrated in paradise,'" Aldridge says.

The 50th Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition goes live across the web, mobile, tablet and newsstands today.

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Details of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girls' Swimwear


[MUSIC] We are now in Aitutaki, which is in the Cook Islands, and it's the most beautiful place on the planet. It's pretty unreal. There is just so many aspects of this island that are so wonderful. [MUSIC] I could never imagine a place more beautiful, didn't know where it was, looked it up on Google maps and it's just like an island in the ocean with nothing. Around you. This is probably the best place I've been to, ever. [MUSIC] Right when I was flying into this island it was so gorgeous and the water is all these different colors and it really is paradise. [MUSIC] Very island style and relaxed and still pretty untouched and it's just beautiful. It's such a welcoming island. [MUSIC] The story in Ithaka is all about the white sand and blue water. So obviously you're kind of working with just these two beautiful elements so it was really nice to have really poppy suit and. The neons with the background of this glorious beautiful color, and this just, beautiful white, powdery sand. It makes it, just spectacular. [MUSIC]. When I heard of the sea neon colors, I was really, really excited 'cause I already had this idea of. [MUSIC] Of tan girls and like white sand and a pop of color in the background with the water, which is just so clear that it looks like, sort of Photoshopped, but it's as blue as it looks like and that's one of the things that is the most amazing about this island and it just. Increase something special, and something vibrant and something that just stands out. We did one shot where we walked out into the ocean and I was standing where the sea changes colors so it was [MUSIC] White white sand. And all of a sudden, behind me, is this gorgeous blue backdrop, that just is unreal. And there's nothing sexier than a neon bikini and super tan skin, and super blue water. And you just kinda look around. Like, I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe I'm shooting Sports Illustrated in paradise. This is paradise. [MUSIC] We're taking these boats to the smaller islands. And it's just beautiful blue water that's completely clear. And I think that that's what's so amazing about this location and this scene is that goes together so well. [MUSIC] A neon bikini with the gorgeous blue water and the touch of the sand.
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