Go Behind the Scenes with Rita Ora

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We're taking you behind the scenes of Rita Ora's shoot for InStyle's March 2015 issue. The British bombshell headed to the dessert to wear Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, and more among the cacti.


[MUSIC] My favorite look today was either the Chanel or the Roberto Cavally. I also loved the Caroline Herrera gown because I always love a beautiful, glamorous gown in a. Really dirty environment. [MUSIC] My favorite part of today was how quick we got through all the looks. It was literally like military, it was like boom, boom, boom. And being outside. Around Christmas time. And also being around good people. Everybody was so positive and that energy was great. And it's really important to have good energy on set. We just had a great day in the sun. [MUSIC] Five fun facts. Well. I say really inappropriate things, number one. Number two, I like to ask inappropriate questions to other people. Number three, I'm like a little girl in clothes. When I see something beautiful, I feel like a princess. Number four, everything I eat is with hot sauce. Number five, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. [LAUGH] Bye. [MUSIC]
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