Go Behind the Scenes of Jessica Chastain's January Cover Shoot

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Oscar-winner Jessica Chastain discusses her favorite red carpet looks and her secret for flawless skin.


I have so many looks on the red carpet that I love. Emotionally my favorite definitely is my first oscar's. Wonderful, Beautiful Sara Burton created this incredible dress for me, Alexandra McQueen. And then I also love the Ricardo Tishe's jumashi dress. The purple. Beaded, sparkly, Cannes dress that I had. I mean, if you look at those two dresses they're so incredibly different, but also I guess they capture my personality because I like to change things up. My skin routine usually starts with sunscreen. I wear it every single day, even in winter when it's raining and overcast. I try to wash my face every night. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Sometimes I don't. But I've always, see a difference in my skin when I don't wash my face. I also love, like, normal home remedy stuff. Sometimes we mash up avocado and put it on your face. Or, I love, like, argon oil. I think, when you're a kid, anything that makes you different. Is scary, and for me that, that definitely was the case. My freckles and my red hair, I see it as a badge of honor, and I love being a redhead. I have, like, fantasy of having like, short, white hair. I think that would be so cool. But, for the most part, I look in the mirror and I look like myself, and I like that. [MUSIC] I'm trying to think of an 80s style moment that I want to relive or maybe not relive. I'm very happy living in the present. [LAUGH] It was very fun playing ,. Character from 1981 and she was super glamorous and I got to wear all Armani in the film, so that was incredible, and I loved one dress in particular. It was a purple wrap dress. So actually that's something that I would relive any day. [MUSIC]
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