Global Fitness Expert Kayla Itsines Shows Us How to Get Strong, Toned Legs


Australian fitness blogger extraordinaire Kayla Itsines has made a name for herself in the fitness world thanks to her intense circuit training programs Sweat with Kayla and the Bikini Body Guide. So, it was pretty much a no-brainer for us to have her give a few workout tutorials here at the InStyle offices. In the clip above, Itsines shows InStyle executive editor Kim Peiffer how to get toned legs in a matter of minutes. Watch the full video for a move you can do anytime, anywhere.


Hi guys, I'm Kim with InStyle. Today, I'm here with global fitness expert, Kayla Itsines and she's going to teach me a move today to get super toned legs just in time for summer. What is this move today? [MUSIC] [MUSIC] All right, so this one's a little bit tricky. But once you've got it mastered, it's fine. So- I don't like where this is starting, cuz we've got this right here, which is ten pounds. [LAUGH] So it's not gonna be easy. So placing it in your right hand, you're gonna step forward with your left foot, all right? As you step forward, you're gonna pass the weight to your other hand. So stepping forward, lunge and pass. Stepping back, now you've got it in your other hand. So you step forward with your right leg, lunge, pass. And so are you putting your knee on the ground? Or is it just hovering over the ground? It's just hovering over. You can place your knee on the ground if you're a beginner. So keeping your back nice and straight pass it under, good. That's perfect. Good form? Yes, you've done well. Keep your back nice and straight. Yes, well done. That one burns. Yeah it does. [LAUGH] It's no joke. Now how many sets and reps of this exercise do you recommend doing? I would do 10 to start off with then you can move up to 20 once you're a little more advanced. Great, I love Love it, feel the burn. Tell me about your new program. So my new program is called Baby Jay Strong. I've got Baby Jay, which is a lot more focused on home workouts. You can do them anytime, anywhere. This Baby Jay Strong program is more focused on the gym, weights and weighted machines. This is about women walking into the gym and feeling confident, feeling strong, feeling empowered. Amazing, and it's launched now? It is. Amazing. It's what up. Just in time for summer.
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