Girlboss Star Britt Robertson on her Best Vintage Shopping Score

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If you’ve caught any episodes of Netflix’s Sophia Amoruso origin story, Girlboss, you know that vintage shopping is a huge part of the show.

In the very first episode, Sophia, played by Britt Robertson, finds an original 1970s East West calfskin motorcycle jacket in a consignment shop, haggles the price down to $9, and then re-sells it on eBay for almost $1000, giving her the brilliant idea to turn her love of shopping into a full-fledged business.

And though Robertson says her own shopping scores aren’t quite as life-changing as Amoruso’s, she has had one find that she’s still pretty proud of. “I went to Buffalo Exchange—I know, not the most impressive vintage store—and I found the most amazing old-school vintage Gucci dress,” said Robertson when she stopped by InStyle’s N.Y.C. offices. “It’s burgundy silk with pockets—and it was only $15!”

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The star says her Girlboss role has inspired her look in more ways than one. “Our costume designer, Audrey Fisher, was the best fashion resource in the world,” says Robertson. “We had mood boards everywhere of images of Sophia Amoruso to reference and spent days in fittings trying to get the costumes right.”

In episode 2, Robertson wears a casual look—blue corduroy jacket, striped tank top, and high-waisted jeans—that’s a complete replica of an outfit Amoruso actually wore in 2006. “I actually really like high-waisted pants now ever since the show,” says Robertson. “I have this pair that my friends and boyfriend [actor Dylan O’Brien] call my ‘business pants.’ They’re Theory suit pants ($265; and they’re my favorite thing. I wear them everywhere because you can dress them up or dress them down and I always feel stylish and cool in them.”

For more from Robertson, watch the video above. The first season of Girlboss is available now on Netflix.


Nine bugs and I'll give you some free business advice. Deal. So, what's the advice? This is an original 1970s east west casket motorcycle jacket in perfect condition. Know what your **** is worth? Cuz you just got played. So I went to Buffalo Exchange, not the most impressive vintage store. I found this incredible dress. It's Gucci, it's old school vintage Gucci and it's silk and it's kind of got like A cool chain print all over it, kind of like a burgundy red. And it's got pockets, $15. [MUSIC] I knew very little about vintage. Actually back Maybe not 2006 but maybe like 2004 I was really into vintage. I didn't know anything about it but I would always go to consignment shops and I had this one girlfriend who lived with me in LA at the time, she was really in to vintage and these weird wraps and these beret type hats. In like cool vintage T-shirts so there was a time that I had more of a Sophia vibe, our costume designer name is Audrey Fisher, she was the best resource in the world, she's really great with vintage clothes. She was incredible, she would make these books for me And be like, see, this is what you'll be wearing this week. I'm kind of like a tomboy at heart. I love a good t-shirt. And I actually really like the high waisted look now since being on the show. I have these things that my friends and my boyfriend always talk about. They call them my business pants They're this like theories suit pants and they're like my favorite thing. I wear them everywhere because you can dress them up or dress them down and I always build kinda stylish and cool in them. So really just got that one look that I've rocking over and over again.
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