VIDEO: The Sexy Leg Workout You Can Do Anywhere


Want toned, sexy gams, year-round? Don't we all. So we turned to Equinox and SLT expert trainer Patrick McGrath, who is showing us an easy and super effective move you can do anytime, anywhere. In the video above, McGrath shows InStyle executive editor Kim Peiffer the ultimate move for achieving sculpted legs; a glider kick with a free-standing deadlift (check out the amazing studio we got to shoot in BTW -- the new Project by Equinox space in Nolita). Bonus: The move also works your glutes and abs, and has a cardio element to it, so you're getting the most bang for your buck with this one. Watch the clip above to get the full version and get ready to feel the burn. 


Hi guys, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with trainer at PROJECT by Equinox and SLT Patrick McGrath and today he's gonna show us a move to get perfectly toned legs for summer. [MUSIC] What are we. What are we doing today? Today we're doing a glider kick with a free-standing deadlift. Just a little added bonus, the deadlift. Throw it in there. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] We're just gonna throw it in there. All right, let's get started. So we're gonna start in a lunge position, so 90 degrees through the left knee. Now slowly bend your back leg in four counts. And then as you extend the right leg out, you're gonna stay low in the left side. The next time as the right knee bends, light touch behind your ears here. We're gonna hinge at the waist. Hips go back. Chest lowers almost parallel to the floor. Now push down through the left heel, shoulder blades lift. Extend the back leg out. Slow on the way out, slow as you bend in. Hips go back. Hinge forward for your dead lift. Yep, it's already burning in my left leg. How many sets and reps do you recommend of this? I would say ninety second rep three times with sixty seconds rest in between. And then we will switch legs right? So we're all even. Yes. So you're going to step the right foot on to the floor, left foot on to the glider. Start in that lunge hold position, left knee bends in, hips go back, hinge forward at the wait here back remaining is flat. Lift through the torso and extend right back out. Good. This takes some balance too, I almost just fell over. It does. So with the hands behind the ears here, we are adding a little bit core stability as well. Now what muscles is this working? This is working back of hamstrings and glute and then a little bit of the abdominal wall to stabilize as well. Yes I feel all those things, this definitely burns. I feel it all the way My legs. Elevates my heart rate a little bit. I'm a little bit out of breath. Yeah It's a little cardio element, which is amazing Exactly, it's a full body exercise. Full body. And you can do it really anywhere, right? Yeah Yeah. So, no excuses. No excuses, at all. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Thank you, so much. Thank you.
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