Watch: How to Get Selena Gomez's Totally Wearable "Kitten" Eyeliner

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In her newly released summer single “Good For You,” Selena Gomez makes it clear that she doesn't shy away from dolling up. So what’s the secret to the sexy, come-hither stare she shows off in the video? A kitten eye, which, as celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin explains in the clip above, is not "quite as vampy” and “a little softer” than the cat-eye that many women wear.

The first step to achieving Gomez’s everyday look is to create a short, thin line at the corner of your eye before connecting it onto the lash line. Goodwin’s foolproof trick involves using a liquid liner pen like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner ($22, and pressing on the color with small exacting strokes. Watch the video above to learn all of Goodwin’s pro techniques.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kalana with In Style and I'm here with makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, and she's gonna teach us how to get Selena Gomez's signature kitten eye. [MUSIC] Okay Rachel so this is Selena Gomez's signature look. She always has a winged eye. So what's the difference between a kitten eye and a cat eye? Well it is subtle but it is slightly less dramatic. It doesn't extend quite as far. It may not be quite as vampy. It's a little softer and more subtle. Ok, so this something that you can wear everyday. Absolutely. Ok, so what's the first step for someone at home who wants to do it on themself. The first step is really to go ahead and make sure that you don't come out too far. So I'm gonna just start right at the very edge of your eye and not extend too far out. With a very thin line. Just a tiny little flick. Okay. And then I'm gonna connect the line coming in from the outside onto the lash line, and the line is very fine. A lot of the cat eyes we see is quite dramatic. And this is more of a subtle thing. So you just want to keep the lines super,, super fine and tight into the lash line. So I'm just going right into the lashes and burying the color right between your lashes. And that's really it. And then when I come onto the inner part of the eye I'm sort of pressing this. This is a liquid Minor pen. Very easy to use. Okay. Makes it really simple. It's like a marker. Right. Can't really mess it up. So they're kinda like a Sharpie marker. And you can find them anywhere from a drugstore to the department stores. Absolutely. They're everywhere now. And they're the best, most easy approach I think to liquid liner. Kind of takes the intimidation factor right out of it. Okay. So you can see the edge is sort of extended but not too much and it just goes right along with your lashes. Okay so we start from the outside and work our way into the inner corner of our eye. Absolutely and even though its a little bit its just a little bit thicker at the end Kit and I have a more subtle sort of feel so So you're coming in like this. I make the angle with a little flick at the end. And then I just come in here toward the inner eye and I press it down versus using a more sweeping stroke. And if you press it you have a lot more control. Okay. Over where you place it. Okay. So I'm just placing it right into the lash line. I'm pressing it in and just keeping it as tight into the lashes as possible. How do I get it so that my lines are symmetrical on both sides? << It isn't a sweeping motion, I think we have this idea in our heads that we're supposed to do this like this like long sweep and that it's going to be perfect. And what it actually is is Exacting pressing of the you know the color into small little increments verses a big sweeping stroke you have a lot more control that way and you can get the color even and you can get the angles exactly right on both sides by just kind of looking and making sure that your not just You know if you try this on one side and then the other side is your left side you;re not gonna get the same effect. Right. You have to be a pro to do that. You have to be a pro. [LAUGH] I don't even think I could do that. [LAUGH] Selena does this look almost every time she's on the red carpet. It does seem though as she has done it many times and I love the fact that it's a nod to the six Tease and there's a flirtiness to it, and I think her eye shape really lends itself well to it. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes and she knows what works on her. So I like that she's kind of found something that she knows is a signature look and she runs with it. [MUSIC]
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