How to Create Reese Witherspoon's Pretty Pink Lip and Cheek in 2 Minutes Flat

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There aren't too many celebrities who can wear pink as well as Reese Witherspoon. The Hollywood star is a pro when it comes to rocking the cheerful hue, and we jumped at the opportunity to find out the process behind creating her perfect pink lip and cheek. Her makeup artist Lauren Andersen revealed all the secrets to InStyle's Violet Gaynor in the video up top.

The pro, who has also worked with Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen, had several amazing tips to share. Andersen started by applying blush. "I take the blush not only to the cheeks, but sometimes to the temples just to balance out the complexion," she says. Adding blush to your forehead is key to replacing dimension that is lost after applying foundation, she adds.

Next, Andersen complemented the blush by adding a vibrant color to Gaynor's pout. "A brush is a great tool to give you precision and also blend and soften edges," the makeup artist says. Click the link at the top to hear all of the expert's insider tips.

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[MUSIC] Hi guys, it's Violet from InStyle. I am so excited to be here with Avon makeup artist Lauren Anderson. [MUSIC] She is the woman behind some of our favorite makeup looks on Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, Reese Witherspoon, and she is actually going to recreate a look she created for Reese for me today, and show us how to get this fresh faced, pretty in pink look. So I am starting with a really pretty pink blush and I am just going to hit the apples. And I take the blush also not only just to the cheeks but sometimes a little to the temple, just to balance out the complexion. And what makes you choose powder, over a creamy formula? I think it's just a preference in textures, you want like a creamy cheek, or do you want more of a matte, shimmery cheek. Ok, so now that the cheek is done, what's the next step with the lip? So the next step is adding a pink that kinda coordinates with your cheek on the lip. And this is really going to brighten up your face. A brush is a great tool to give you precision and also blend. You can soften edges or make them really precise. I love this pink, too, because it, a nice satin finish. It gives a shine. It's super moisturizing. And it has SPF in it as well. And this color is so bright and cheery and fun. Great for day or night. Yeah, I feel like I would wear something like this to the office and then go straight out. So I love this lip. And how do you sort of finish off the look? So before we got started, I did a little sweep of Pink Shadow on the lid and then using a cream eye liner, a little bit of a brown wing. Like really softened it and blended it out, just give your eye I like a little bit of lip, but the focal point, really is that cheek and lip. Thank you. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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